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Every Saturday morning in 1969 at 7am, all alone at K-Mart 40Hwy and Noland Rd, Independence, MO, wearing my white mini waitress dress, I set out to make Submarine sandwiches. First step:Set up ( 2 ) 8ft long wood tables. Step (2): open and lay out Wonder Bread hoagie buns. Step (3)" dip spatula into white plastic tub of yellow mustard and smear on each bun. Step (4): Grab a bunch of shredded Iceberg lettuce and sprinkle on top of mustard. Step (5): place 3 thin slices of salami on each. Step (6): place 3 thin slices bologna on each. Step (7): place 3 thin slices of deli ham on each. Step (8): use 2 (1/2) slices of American cheese. Step (9): place (3) thin white onion rings. Step (10): only use 3 see through thin sliced tomatoes. Step (11): finish Sub with 3 dill pickle slices. Step (12): Fold and Stuff all 128 Submarines into plastic sacks with twist tie. Take to the cigarette/Submarine counter in the front of the store and place in glass cooler. 3 for $1.00 or when we had green light special get them for 4 for $1.00!

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gettingold422 July 28, 2009

I worked for Kmart in Detroit for a long time doing those subs by the hundreds of thousands! We started with maustars on left, then some shredded lettuce, a slice of each:bologna, cotto salami, spiced luncheon meat(dutch loaf is the closest I can find. 2 strips of american cheese,2 tomato slices,3 dill pickle slices,then a few strips of onions, thin sliced. ENJOY

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janetr heidi July 30, 2009

Great recipe. And a total Blast From The Past. My Dad used to take me to K-Mart quite often in the early to mid 70's and we almost always went to the 'diner' to get the Submarine Sandwich. I don't remember the sliced peppers though, but I do remember that they always had the periscope, which was a green olive stuffed with pimento, of course, on a toothpick and stuck in the center of the sandwich. These were fresh-made to order, but there were sandwiches packed int the cooler under the counter which were pre-made, but those did not have the periscope and my Dad would not buy a sub sandwich without a periscope! LOL He said it was not a real Submarine Sandwich without the periscope...and I agree.

He was also a connoisseur of gas station sold pre-packed sandwiches. The kind delivered in a wedge pack and sealed up. There is really something wonderful about bread, mayo, mustard, some kind of meat, usually ham, wilted lettuce and soggy American cheese on a day old sandwich. Really. I still try to make sandwiches like these to this day, make them, seal them and put in the fridge at least 8 hours, marvelous!

But of course, this must be nostalgic more than anything else as we all know fresh food is so much better. But still...?

And then we would listen to CBS Radio Mystery Theater on the radio in his old boat car from the late 60's on the way home as it just began to get dark. A full tummy, some new clothes, or whatever we bought from K-Mart and a radio show to stimulate the brain, well, it was a fond memory of a time gone for me. Still is.

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M@sterCh3f October 19, 2011

My family enjoyed these. Hubby remembers them from childhood. I made a whole bag full and wrapped them up for later. They were school lunches for several days. The cheese turned goopy and they got a little soggy after the first day, but the family loved them anyway! They have already asked me to make them again.

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Writermom who cooks January 15, 2010

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! These are exactly as I remember them and they brought back so many childhood memories of my parents buying them at kmart and we would go on a picnic. I made these early this morning and wrapped them just as you suggested. I took my boys and husband on a picnic to our local park and there was not a single remnant of a sandwich left! I have searched for this recipe for years and tho I have found some, NONE of them came close. These are exactly as they were. I cannot thank you enough and now my boys will have new memories!

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Wife of 1 Mom of 3 May 02, 2008

I have made so many sub recipes over the years but by far these are the BEST and they really do taste just like the subs Kmart sold in their restaurant. Thank you for sharing this great recipe!!

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Chef Petunia November 20, 2013

Good ole Kmart sub's, almost forgot about them. Made them for lunch today, yummy! Thanks for posting.

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Catnip46 October 11, 2009

This was so yummy! I was not lucky enough to have had them at K Mart, but now I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy them at home! Great picnic sandwich too! Thanks for posting! :)

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Mellie-Mo September 12, 2009

Nostalgic is spot on! As a young teen in a home of nine children, I'd surprise my parents and siblings once a month with K-Mart subs. I considered my babysitting $$ well spent. Have made these several times over in the last two months, it's time to post a five-star review for this recipe. THANK YOU for sharing this, my family enjoys eating down memory lane with me. (BTW, great picture, Steve!)

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HisMonie August 02, 2009

Omg I swear if I could hug you I would. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. When I was in the third grade we had to write about our favorite food and mine was kmart submarine sandwiches. lol....well I must say they tasted EXACTLY as I remember. Many thanks and hugs to you.

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Pntbtrkisses April 24, 2009
Kmart Sub's - a Blast from the Past!