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Prep 10 mins
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This is a simple recipe but big on flavor and it even tastes better if left in the fridge a few hours to blend the flavors so I suggest to do that --- it's wonderful with a slice of tomato on top of the tuna and served between two thick slices of toasted whole grain bread or in a pita bread or served on a plate on top of a bed of lettuce --- I sometimes add in some chopped small sweet gherkin pickles or yum yum pickles also --- feel free to add in some cooked macaroni pasta and serve on a plate --- please only fresh lemon juice for this bottled is just not the same, I have left the mustard powder and Tabasco as optional I most always add it in it takes this salad to another level :)

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  1. Drain the tuna then hand-squeeze out any excess moisture; place in a bowl then flake with a fork.
  2. Add in all remaining ingredients up to the Tabasco sauce; mix until well combined, adjusting all seasonings to suit taste.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 2 hours (more is even better!).
  4. Divide onto bread slices with lettuce leaves and slices tomatoes.
  5. Delicious!


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I always try Kittencal's recipes when they show up and my family is never disappointed! I know our tastes so I usually tweak the first time unless I am thoroughly unfamiliar with the ingredients and so this one I used one big can of chunk light tuna in water, 2 green onions, no pickle relish (don't like sweet with my tuna), plain pepper rather than lemon pepper and since we had no tabasco in house I just put in a good healthy spoonful of horseradish. I also added 2 tablespoons of flat-leaf parsley and took the advice to let it sit overnight. HOLY BUCKETS IS THIS STUFF DELICIOUS! I've made it two days in a row, sent it with hubby for lunch, had it for lunch and dinner and now lunch again and I polished it off with half a box of Roasted Garlic Triscuits. WOW!!! for the sake of my waistline I will have to limit myself to one batch a week because I cannot be trusted to make more!!! THANK YOU KITCALKITCH!!!!!

georgeweezie_8318418 June 30, 2012

Very good, I used a tsp of dijon instead of dried mustard and my home made refrigerator bread and butter pickles chopped up instead of relish. One thing I have always done with tuna from the can is drain it over night in the fridge , I just dump it in a fine mesh drainer I have in a bowl cover with saran and place in fridge this allows the flakiness of the tuna to be maintained.

Chef Farmer October 05, 2009

This is very good! I substituted diced dill pickles for the sweet pickle relish (personal preference) and added a 2nd chopped green onion as well as a chopped up boiled egg. I also added another 1/4 cup light mayo as the first go-round was still a little too dry. This is really easy to make "to taste", but I will caution those who come after me to use the 2-3 tbsp fresh lemon juice warily. I used 2 tbsp thinking I was going light, but in the end I wish I'd only used maybe 1 tbsp of the juice and then tasted it before proceeding. You can always add more of any ingredient but you cannot take anything back! I will taste test this again after it sits in the fridge overnight. :) Thanks Kittencal!
7/31/10 Edited to add: Sitting overnight did the trick with this tuna salad. I couldn't gobble it down fast enough the next day. :) YUM!

Rhondapalooza July 31, 2010

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