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I've made this recipe so many times the paper I printed it on is wearing out! We love this sandwich! Whether you've cooked for 20 years or 20 days this easy recipe will leave you with a smile on your face! Quick and easy to put together and absolutely delicious! Thanks Kitt! This is a recipe in my "tried and true" collection that I will be making for many years to come!

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kittycatmom February 24, 2010

This was an excellent tuna melt. I loved the flavor from the seasoning salt, added lots of black pepper and instead of minced parsley, I used about 3/4 tsp. dried tarragon. Served on an English muffin with American cheese because that's what I had on hand...but can't imagine it being any better! Great recipe, love the simplicity, and you're right, Kittencal, it really cures a craving! Thanks for sharing this delight that is sure to be a regular in our household.

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Epi Curious July 20, 2010

Loved it. I used white onions, as I was out of green. Loved the crunch from the celery, and the double cheese makes the sandwich. Thanks!

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~Bekah~ May 24, 2010

This is tasty tuna. I sort of made this recipe, but then I sort of didn't. What I made was really good. I will make this again with all the ingredients and re-rate it. What I did: Tuna, Mayo, Lemon juice, Celery, Seasoning Salt and Lemon Pepper. I omitted the green onion, parsley and tomato (didn't have any) and substituted American cheese and multi-grain bread (because that's what I had.) It was still really good, much better than tuna, mayo, mustard that I normally throw together. I think the lemon pepper made all the difference. Like I said, I will make this again with the ingredients I omitted . Thanks Kittencal! You always have the best recipes! <3

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HeatherN January 12, 2010

Made this on English Muffins. Made one with Mozzarella cheese (my favorite cheese) and one with Swiss (not my favorite cheese by far). Believe it or not the Swiss cheese one was my favorite, the Swiss give it a lot of flavor whereas the Mozzarella one was kinda blah. Also left tomato off (I don't like them). I have tuna left for 2 more sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch, think I'll try American cheese on one and Provolone cheese on the other.

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Catnip46 December 16, 2009

OK, so I love canned tuna as much as the next person, but other than mixing it with some mayo and canned veg or Tuna Helper, I have no idea what to do with it. I have never tasted a tuna melt before either. This is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! The dressing is very similar to one I use for Chicken Waldorf, except mine calls for black pepper instead of lemon pepper and salt instead fo seasoning salt. I looked up the Seasoning Salt recipe on Zaar. The lemon pepper makes it sooooo much better! I will definitely try this for my Waldorf salad dressing. I'm not sure how I feel about hot/warm tomatoes, so I put them on after the bread was toasted and they taste great. Made the melt on homemade French bread and used Havarti instead of Swiss cheese. Ohhh so good... and very filling. Thank you!

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alinasls November 22, 2009

I loved this! Instead of using a whole tomato slice I chop it up and sprinkle it between the tuna and cheese. This is fast becoming my DH most requested lunch.

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ScottishCook_80 July 25, 2009

I fixed this for my hubby for lunch today, I don't eat tuna so I left the review up to him. He really likes the open face idea, less bread to fill up on. I did use whole wheat as that is what we always have on hand. He usually has me use Miracle Whip in his tuna melt but I followed your recipe & used Mayo. Also had no swiss on hand so used cheddar but next time I will try the swiss. He really like the tomato. What I did a little different was butter the slice of bread then pile the tuna, tomato & cheese on and grill it butter side down, then when it was toasted I put it under the broiler to get the cheese melted. He gives you an enthusiastic 5 stars. Thanks Kittencal for another nice addition to my recipe file.

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SammiCat March 09, 2009

We love tuna melts, but I never thought it would be possible to make one with such great, strong flavors -- these are fantastic.. the lemon and seasoning salt really perk up the flavor.. this is the only way I'll be seasoning tuna salad again. I read all the reviews, and had to scratch my head at the lone, 1-star review that called it 'too salty', whereby the recipe clearly states 'salt to taste', whatever..

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steve in FL January 30, 2009

i LOVED this! Made a few adjustments...used cilantro instead of parsley because that's what I had, used white bread instead because that's also what I had (didn't want to buy more bread when I had good bread at home), added extra lemon juice for some extra zing, and added hard-boiled egg ( i always add hard-boiled eggs to my tuna salad, my sister thinks i'm crazy but DH and I love it). Did go out to buy seasoned salt especially for this, and it was totally worth it! Thanks for posting. UPDATE: had some left over the other night and took it to work as a wrap (tortilla, cheese, tomato, then tuna) it was sooooo good as a wrap. definetely worth trying.

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Brisket in Roses July 04, 2007
Kittencal's Tuna Melt Sandwich