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Very, very good!! I never cook the shells though, Always raw. I just add about 1/2 cup of water to the sauce and cook it about 20 minutes longer. Much easier to stuff the shells.

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Llove To Cook December 28, 2009

Very good manicotti recipe. I usually just throw together my ingredients but decided to follow a recipe this time. It was very easy to make and turned out delicious. I find that when I undercook the manicotti noodles by a minute or two, they are easier to stuff and they soften up fine as they cook. They were still slightly stiff as I stuffed them. I liked the addition of the cream cheese and the spinach. The version I usually make has egg instead of cream cheese. I used a canned marinara sauce this time but next time I plan to make Kittencal's Marinara that looks wonderful. I expect it will make this even better!

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Julie F March 22, 2011

Great recipe!

I have made this three times. The first time, I followed it as listed. I never made manicotti before, and didn't realize how much work goes into stuffing the things. The second time, I used only half as much spinch, but I used fresh also. Seemed to me to be the perfect amount. The third time, I was lazy and used jumbo shells, and of course its the filling that makes this dish. Filling the shells was alot easier than the manicotti.

Awesome recipe.

EDIT: I have now made these over 50 times. I still swear by this recipe. The only tweaks are the ones listed above, and occasionally I add 1/2 pound of hot or mild Italian Sausage. Browning them, and draining the fat. Then I let it cool to room temp., before adding to the mixture.

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Bobby T. January 10, 2011

Made these for a family dinner - glad I made extra because not only did I end up with 8 people coming over, people keep coming back for more! I made two pans of this. One as directed and one with fat free ricotta, cream cheese, & mozzarella cheese. I get nervous when making things with fat free cheeses many times because they seem to turn out flat & boring...not here! You really couldn't tell at all. I didn't tell the boys that the two trays were any different and wolfed down both in no time flat! -if you're looking to trim a bit off the calories but don't want to do ff everything try swapping out the full fat ricotta for the fat free. You save half the calories (100 cal vs. 45 cal for 1 cup) and it tastes the same & won't mess up the textures. Thanks again Kittencal :) your recipes always turn out unbelievable everytime!

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vegascooker June 12, 2011

So rich, creamy and delicious. I made the filling three days prior to using. On the morning of the day I was serving, I cooked the manicotti just until they were flexible, piped the filling in the manicotti, using a zip-lock bag and that made them easier to fill.I kept them in the fridge until I was ready to bake. They turned out just perfect, really flavorful. I added the optional onion and didn't cook the frozen spinach, but did squeeze out as much water as I could. I'm looking forward to the leftovers and to making them again.Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview October 02, 2013

So delicious! I added 8 oz. of sliced baby bellas that I sauteed with the onions. I also added extra garlic since we are garlic lovers! Thank you so much for sharing! YUM!!!

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Dominick & Amanda August 19, 2010

Very yummy! Like something you would get an Italian restaurant. I only had fresh spinach, so I steamed about 4 cups in place of the frozen spinach. Other than that I followed the recipe exactly.

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Iluvmy3monkeys April 05, 2014

YUMMY, TASTY, DELICIOUS...!! cant find the words to describe how good this dish was. I followed the exact recipe, pre-cooked the manicotti for 6-8 mn. & it turned out to be great. The cheese,spinach, & garlic flavor combination is just amazing. THANK YOU for sharing this recipe.

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Sara M. February 11, 2014

Kittencal, this was so good -- as usual. I must disclose my mistakes, however, so others might avoid them. I didn't have ricotta so I put some cottage cheese in my food processor to smooth out the texture. Then I added the cream cheese to it to blend it in nicely. This worked out fine too. Then I got cocky and thought, "I'll just mix up the whole thing in here." This would have been OK I think up to the spinach part. When I added the spinach in the whole thing turned GREEN! Duh! If I'd stopped at that point and mixed in the spinach with a wooden spoon as you suggested, it would have been fine. But seeing the red sauce, the white noodle, and the green inside looked like a bad Christmas movie. It tasted fine however - delicious. I'll do them again, I'm sure, but I won't make the mistake of using the food processor at that point! (Figures that I made it for a company dinner!!) Ha-ha!

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Maven in the Making November 22, 2013

FANTASTIC!! I made this for my Husband's surprise Birthday dinner (he LOVES this dish) and Kittencal's recipe is ON POINT! Flavorful and melts in your mouth. My little ones scarfed this down as well...even my 8 month old baby. I made this with the homemade sauce that is recommended and it was PERFECT! I didn't change a thing. Kittencal's recipes are the 1st place I go when I need a new recipe. Thank so much for sharing all your wonderful skills with us.

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weyerswife May 17, 2011
Kittencal's Spinach & Four-Cheese Manicotti (Vegetarian)