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I had higher expectations for this roast, especially with all the good reviews. It smelled wonderful all day long. The end product didn't match the aroma however--it looked and tasted like boiled meat, even though I browned as directed. It was tender, but that was about all--no "wow" flavor for us. With today's meat prices, I was very disappointed, and will stick to traditional oven methods or yooper's no-fail "To Die For Crock Pot Roast" recipe, also found on this site.

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ladyfingers May 11, 2011

Did make some minor changes.
Added 1/2 c of red wine, decreased dry soup mix to 1T. Will increase to 2 T next time.
My Crock pot cooks very quickly so the
roast was done in 5 hours.
Gravy was outstanding on mashed potatoes.

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mamawJ August 29, 2010

Like ladyfingers, I too was a bit disappointed in this roast. I used an eye of round from a grass-fed beef supplier at my local farmer's market, and I am aware that they can be less tender because grass-fed beef has less fat. However I thought after 8 hrs in the crock pot, it would still be fall-apart tender. It was not, and in fact was overcooked. I added pearl onions, baby potatoes, and baby carrots to the crock as well, and they were good. The gravy was tasty but didn't knock me out, yet I can't figure out what I might add to make it more flavorful. Other than the eye of round that I used and adding the veggies, I followed the recipe to the letter.

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Gbergan October 05, 2012

Sorry to say that this was somewhat of a flop. Could be because my buthcher doesn't carry "eye of round roast" so I had to use a rolled rump roast. That was the only change I made. All day I was waiting for that wonderful aroma of a pot roast, it never arrived. I even went outdoors for a few minutes then came back in my house and smelled nothing. The flavor of the meat was the same, very bland & needs salt. Sorry, I won't be making this again.

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ilove food January 02, 2011

This is a super recipe! Guests raved about the tender beef and delicious gravy. I made this the day before I served it at a Christmas holiday family gathering. I followed the recipe exactly except for eliminating the pepper. Then I sliced it, arranged the slices in a 9x13" glass pan with lid and poured gravy over the slices and refrigerated it. Before the party, I just warmed it in the microwave. On party day, no mess, no fuss! I'll definitely be making this again.

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grammyof3 February 08, 2009

I wish I could give this one ten stars! Excellent recipe. I followed it exactly except I added a couple of pounds of fresh, baby carrots. My roast was about 6 lbs. I cooked it for about 6 hours on low before removing. I thickened the gravy with cornstarch and water and served with leftover mashed potatoes, and carrots. I made this on Sunday, while I was making our Sunday dinner. When I got home from work the following day, all we had to do was slice the meat and heat individual plates in the microwave. This one is another great one from Kittencal! Thanks so much for sharing.

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jn516 February 02, 2009

This was excellent! Made it for Christmas Eve and my entire family LOVED it! The meat was so tender! It melts in your mouth! You can cut it with just a fork. The flavor is phenomenal! It was so easy...made preparing for Christmas a little easier! I will definitely make this recipe again! I also used this recipe for the basics of cooking a pork shoulder roast in the crockpot. Did everything the same, but added some merlot and a little extra beef broth to the sauce while the meat was cooking in the crockpot. I didn't have any dry onion soup mix at that time, so I chopped an onion and added some pepper and garlic powder. Once again, it was fabulous! Thanks Kittencal for sharing this "keeper" of a recipe!!

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Modaba January 09, 2009

This was good. I only used 1/2 pkg. of dry onion soup, might use less next time. Ate it on rice but I think potatoes would have been better.

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Catnip46 September 03, 2012

This was outstanding! Even my husband who never is fond of crock pot meals, loved it, or I should say loved the gravy! Each item in this is a staple in my house, so it's effortless to throw together. However, I had a 1/2 cup of red wine sitting around and threw that in, as I do with all the meat dishes I prepare! Will be making this more often! Thanks for sharing!

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Gift of Gab January 28, 2010

Followed directions and what a disappointment this recipe is!!! If you're accustomed to GOOD food stay away from eye of round, it was barley fit for the dog. It is the driest and most flavorless piece of meat I have EVER eaten! The gravy tasted like cardboard, my husband didn't even like it and he'll eat just about anything. When he says "throw it in the garbage" it's REALLY bad!

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Aries Girl June 17, 2013
Kittencal's Slow Cooker Eye of Round Roast With Gravy