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I have used this with both beef and lamb as the meat/bones in this. I agree with several of the other reviewers, as I feel it is a bit bland, but not too bad (hence the 4 stars: 5 for ease, 3 for taste). To compensate for the blandness I have begun to make it with a few changes. I use fresh herbs instead of dried (adding thyme to the parsley called for), add a bit more carrot, add a couple of cloves of garlic or leek (depending on what I have around), and reduce it a bit before use. In general though, I think it is a good recipe and really like the oven browning (it's a great shortcut).

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Wu & Newt September 14, 2011

Wow, I always tend to like Kittencal's recipes, so I was shocked when I didn't like this. I did as stated and found the flavor to be really bland. So I played with it a bit, even trying to reduce it for a stronger flavor. It never worked. I have to say that for the amount I got out of it, I can purchase a really great organic beef stock for about $3.00. This just wasn't worth it.

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saylaveev July 09, 2007

In all my cooking, I have never made beef stock for some reason. I found this method really, really easy. I did leave it for about 24 hours (driving my husband crazy with the delicious smell)and I think every last suggestion of flavour was removed from those bones. After I strained it, I mashed the vegetables into a thick sort of paste and used that and the stock to make a beef and barley soup. I think the vegetables retained alot of flavour and I didn't want to lose that... the soup turned out really well and I will definately make stock using this method again. I might add a bit more seasoning next time. Thanks Kittencal.

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Miraklegirl March 16, 2004

I have always roasted the bones before making any stock. I like the idea of covering the bones with tomato paste before roasting. I read the reviews before making this stock so I added more onions (unpeeled), celery leaves, 3 unpeeled garlic cloves, 1 celery stalk and 2 large bay leaves.

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DaleInCO February 19, 2013

I had heard about browning bones before, but had never tried it! We had Prime Rib one night and I had other bones in my freezer to use up, so I decided to try this recipe! Well worth the effort making your own stock. A good stock is SUPPOSED to be bland...therefore you have control in seasoning your final dish accordingly! I am watching our salt intake and so I like knowing exactly what is going into my dishes! Browning your bones in the oven is the key process. I had my crockpot going for 24 hours and my kitchen has this incredible smell going right now!!! Thanks, Kitten ...I would do this one again!!

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Abby Girl March 22, 2012

I have never made Beef Stock, so I decided to try it. Never, ever, would I have imagine buying bones from the grocery store, but I did. This was a very simple recipe to make, so with this being my first time, I followed the directions right down to the letter, using fresh herbs, to get the general idea. I can't begin to tell you about the incredible aroma, it smelled so good, let alone the taste!! I then portioned it to 1/2 cup, 1 cup size in Ziploc bags to freeze and use when needed . Also reserved some to ice cube trays. I was proud of myself for making this, and I believe it was a success, that I can't wait to make it again!! Thank you

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Windsong54 February 07, 2012

I have been making this broth for years and it is the absolute best you can make. I stick to the recipe exactly and cook in the crockpot for 24 hours on low.....liquid gold. My friends are amazed at how good it is and all want the recipe. It makes homemade soups SO much better than using store-bought. You need to look around for the marrow bones in the grocery store. They're not readily available. The butcher in the grocery store will order them for me on special request. I find the marrow bones are crucial to the success of this recipe. Knuckle bones, etc., do not work, in my opinion.

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masscjs April 08, 2011

This is absolutely the MOST FANTASTIC stock...EVER!! Thanks for another awesome recipe!! :-) Update 06/12/10...I first made and reviewed this stock last December. I made two Crock Pots full because of the amount of Beef Bones I had. It took me a couple of days but I froze the stock from both crocks in ice cube trays. I've been using them for months in anything that calls for broth/stock. It brings a whole new dimension to even the most simple of recipes and makes the best-ever homemade soup. Still Fabulous!

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SloppyJoe June 12, 2010

this stock is fabulous! I cooked over stove top and used it to make French Onion Soup

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Sakeenah February 25, 2010

Excellent! I was a little afraid it would come out tomato-colored, but all the orange ended up in the fat :) This was easy and the stock has a lovely flavor - Will definitely make it again and again!

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barrdbarrbarr December 22, 2009
Kittencal's Rich Homemade Beef Stock (Crock-Pot or Stove Top)