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I needed a homemade sweet and sour sauce to use in Big Ol' Mess (Smoked Sausage in Spicy Sweet Sauce) and settled on this one. I started out by using a full cup of pineapple juice and cutting back on the white sugar by a few tablespoons and added a little powdered ginger, but otherwise kept everything the same, at first. When I mixed in the cornstarch, however, I added about a half cup additional water, and even then, the finished sauce was still too thick. The flavor was just what I wanted though, but next time I'm cutting the amount of cornstarch in half or so. I like a very tangy, moderately-sweet sauce with a medium body to it, this was a bit thicker than I prefer, but otherwise delicious.

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Two Socks September 14, 2009

This tasted great on Kittencal's Chinese Chicken Balls. I think I'll try it with pineapple juice next time.

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Chef Lil' Momma Jenn November 01, 2015

better then any store brought brand!!!

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Kjhoek September 22, 2012

Unbelievably, restaurant quality. I love sweet and Sour and this is right on. Amazing how recipe states what it is then people complain its too sweet. I made this tonight and thought it was easy enough and if it didn't work out I would just make a teriyaki recipe that I had tried before. Had all the ingredients except for pineapple & I was so disappointed so I used Orange Juice and no water to the cornstarch. I also added some orange peel seasoning, 2 T fresh ginger, red pepper flakes and sauce was outstanding. My Chinese restaurant makes a thick wonderful sweet sauce like this and I was in heaven being able to duplicate such a close match. I also put a drop or two of dry sherry. Couldn't have been happier tonight cause I was really wanting chinese. I fried the chicken and added onion and green pepper I seasoned with olive oil, garlic and a little ginger. After I made the fried chicken balls, I mixed them into the thick sauce with the green pepper, onion, and used green onions to top it. Thank you again and for those of you who don't like sweet sauce stay don't use as much. Will be making this at least one a month, also won't have to spend $15.00 on fast food.

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msantsservices February 26, 2011

Hands down, this is my favorite recipe for sweet and sour sauce. Growing up, our family would eat at a little Chinese restaurant in Florida and they made their own sauce and I haven't found any sauce I like as well as theirs...until now. Thank you so much for posting this.

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MarshHen July 06, 2010

This sauce is lovely, I have made it twice now and really enjoyed it both times. The first time I made it with the chicken balls and that was really good, the second time I made it with just a chicken stir fry for a healthier option. I used tinned pineapple juice in the sauce and then added the pineapple at the end. It was delicious!!

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Schloss Heroldeck May 21, 2010

This is not at all what I expected. I'm used to a thin, sweet, very red sauce from a Chinese restaurant, and this turned out way too thick I and I cut back on the cornstarch) and more of a brown color than red. I added a few drops of food coloring and it was a better color, but I"m used to a more clear red sauce. Sorry, I will continue my search.

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mandycakes77 March 08, 2010

I have done a lot of recipe searching & decided to try this one first because it had positive reviews. I really wanted to like this sauce, I know the stuff at the restaurants isn't great for you but that taste just hits the spot, but this sauce just didn't. It smelt great, but once tasting it all my fiance and I could taste was baked beans! I think that the larger amount of ketchup then most recipes along with the brown sugar is what is giving me this taste. It's not a bad tasting sauce, but it just isn't the taste that it claims which is why I gave it a lower rating.

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Kymy August 09, 2009

Oh my, oh my!!!!! this is exactly the same and better yet that any Chinese restaurant, Kit thank you for yet another outstanding recipe, I simply love this sauce i could just eat it with a spoon and be satisfied, thank you!

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kusinera May 04, 2009
Kittencal's Restaurant-Style Chinese Sweet and Sour Sauce