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Very moist and tender, I cooked mine unstuffed, kept it breast side down for 3 of the 4 hours and then flipped it over to brown the breast, basting every 40 min. or so. I put 5 cups of broth in at the beginning and never had to add more..in fact, I ended up with triple what I started with due to the juice from the turkey! Delicious.

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Patti C March 07, 2010

this produced a really yummy turkey, but I want to point out that convection ovens should NOT be turned down to 320. I did that, and although the turkey was delicious, it took more than 2 hours longer than expected.

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Karen in MA November 24, 2011

Thank you for this how-to on roasting a turkey. I love turkey, but never learned how to roast one. Somehow my 24-lb. turkey was so moist and tender at 4 1/2 hours that it literally fell apart. This is an easy, non-intimidating recipe for anyone that's afraid of tackling the big bird. Thanks for teaching me!

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Cajun Kitchen October 05, 2010

Two years ago I tried another receipe on this site and it failed. I was not taking chances this year and knew I could rely on anything by Kittencal. I used her brine first. I roasted an 18lb turkey. It took about 35 minutes longer than anticipated to come to the right temperature. It was juicy and delicious. Everyone raved about it. Thanks for another successful meal! ****Update: This is my reliable recipe - but like most of us I am tempted with slight amendments and improvements - I read in Cooks Illustrated and Kenji Lopez' column not to baste....I tried basting less, and it worked out really well. The turkey was actually even jucier - I guess because the less frequent opening/closing of the stove caused less temperature variation.

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bezbrizan December 26, 2015

This turkey turned out fantastic AGAIN but this time on my Kamado Kooker charcoal grill. It is the be the best one I've ever grilled. Here's what I did as my personal variation:<br/>Start with an 17 lb. fresh, natural turkey. Rinse it well, then brine it for 12-14 hours.<br/>Rinse it well after brining, rub with the recipe plus add a tbs. dry rub to the mix. Add a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary to the bird cavity.<br/>Place into a large, disposable aluminum roasting pan, breast side down. Tie the wings tight to the side of the bird. Add the liquid, cover with foil tent. Maintain a 325 temperature.<br/> Make sure to baste every 40-50 mins. Rotate the bird 90 degrees after about 3 hours. This helps even out the cooking.<br/>Defiantly use an electric meat thermometer to get the thigh meat up to 160.<br/>Keeping the temperature constant was the biggest challenge, as it usually is on any grill. But the result was well worth the effort. The meat turns out packed with flavor, juicy and succulent.

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Grilling King November 28, 2015

Excellent tips for beginners

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Donna H. November 24, 2015

Great recipe for first-time whole turkey cooks. The bird was very moist, tender and flavorful! Since I am a small adult, I picked a 10-pound turkey so it's easier for me to handle. I seasoned the bird with butter oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper as well as poultry seasonings and let it marinate overnight in the fridge before roasting. Basted the bird three times in three hours. It's so delicious! Thank you for this easy recipe. Now I am confident to cook turkey on thanksgiving.

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SharonChen July 03, 2015

Basted every 30 minutes. Removed liquid from pan before turkey sat for 30 minutes because I wanted to make Kittencal's Easy No-Fail Make Anytime Turkey Gravy. I believe this caused the breast to be dry. Next time I won't remove the liquid ahead of time. The gravy was fantastic though!

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SonnyHavens March 04, 2015

Pair this with Kittencal's brown sugar turkey brine (#148225) and you'll get one tasty bird. I cooked a 22-pound turkey this year and it came out wonderfully. I usually find roast turkey skin to be too fatty to be appetizing, but the pepper and garlic give it a great flavor. Plus, the sandwiches we made with the leftovers were almost better than the freshly prepared dinner. Thanks for sharing!

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brianm221 January 09, 2015
Kittencal's Perfect Roasted Whole Turkey (Great for Beginners)