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EXCEPTIONAL! I wish i could give you 10 stars on this one. I made this recipe yesterday for my husband's over the hill birthday. I follow everything that is written and my roast came out unbelievably moist and very tasty. I used the whole head of garlic that i cut each in half then insert into the whole all the around the roast. I left it room temperature for 2 1/2 hours. Even my 6 years old gave me a thumbs up. The gravy, i just put little bit of flour just to thicken it. My husband was so satisfied after he had his birthday dinner. What a wonderful treat. He wanted me to thank you for posting this recipe. You are the best Kittencal, i love all your recipes.

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Elisciar March 04, 2009

"Awesome", were the first words out of my husband's mouth when he tasted this amazing roast. I had made a prime rib years ago and it was not very good at all. Followed this recipe as written and the results were spectacular. The only changes I made were I used the whole bulb of garlic, about 12 cloves so 24 pieces and when I did the au jus I added a little Knorr's Veloutine (Gluten free Thickener) to make the au jus just a little thicker. Adding that made the au jus glaze on the meat!! A new staple in our home!!

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pambobanker February 16, 2009

Outstanding! This is the quintessential prime rib recipe. I have never tasted its equal. My mother used this recipe for Christmas Dinner (after I sent it to her, of course). The 14 pound roast she bought wouldn't fit in the oven, so she cooked it in the grill over indirect heat. Otherwise she followed the recipe exactly. It came out perfectly, if a little rare due to its size. Another Kittencal triumph in our book.

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The Portugarians January 25, 2009

This was a delicious homemade prime rib! We had a 5 pound roast with 3 ribs to feed 6 of us. The tips are all well worth the time to read & follow as they all made a difference in the final result. This will be the recipe I continue to use in the future. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Kitt! Made for the Cookathon in memory of John.

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**Tinkerbell** January 12, 2009

forgot to give it stars it really deserves more, my husband must have told me 20 times how good it was

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Pettylvr January 10, 2009

Made this last night for dinner. It was pretty good but I made one for Christmas cooking it for a bit then letting it sit and I think I liked it somewhat better. Don't get me wrong this was good also and would have been better with the garlic but dh doesn't care for it so I omitted. Thanks Kitten!

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vlynn January 03, 2009

I made this for New Years Eve dinner with my in-laws and parents. I got great reviews for it. It was perfect just as the name says.

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Chef busy bee January 03, 2009

Not being a great cook by any means but this made me look really talented. I followed the directions as listed using a 3 1/2# roast. It cooked in about 90 minutes so you were very corrrect about different ovens cooking at different speeds. This will be a New Year's Day tradition for us. Thanks for sharing.

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Marilyn Collari January 02, 2009

I have used many recipes from RecipeZaar but this is the first I'm taking the time to review. EXQUISITE!!! The instructions were marvelous, I followed them exactly except I cooked the roast at 325 instead of 350 (just being a little cautious) Don't even think of making this without the Yorkshire Pudding! I used an 8+ lb. roast and there were 7 people for dinner. Everyone always looks forward to my meals (I'm a pretty good cook) but this time they were blown away. Thank you Kittencal, you're the best!!!

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bastjames January 01, 2009

I used to have to go to an expensive steak house to get prime rib of this quality and magnitude. Instead, I made it at home thanks to Kittencal's wonderful recipe. I used a 7.5 boneless ribeye roast and followed the directions to a T. I put garlic cloves in the night before (that took a bit of skill to get them in the slits), took it out of the fridge about 5 hours before it went in the oven to get to room temp. Did the 450 degree searing in the juices thing and then reduced heat to 350. Mine took 2.5 hours, maybe a bit longer. The Au Jus after I skimmed the fat off (I made it wrong) was great and made for wonderful leftover. This prime roast was fabulous, the directions were exact and easy to follow and it had the right amount of seasoning. The key definitely is the temp probe. It turned out perfectly medium on the thinner end, medium rare in most of the center with a few bits of everything else, the vast majority being medium rare. YUM! I will feel confident in the future that I don't have to go to an expensive restaurant to make prime rib like this. I can do it at home! ETA: I took it out of the oven at 140 and I should have taken it out at 130ish. It was still MR and juicy, but we would have liked it rarer. The thermometer read over 150 degrees after resting.

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Cathy17 December 30, 2008
Kittencal's Perfect Prime Rib Roast Beef