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Typical. Absolutely Typical. First of all my steak was a New York steak and it turned out superb. With the "typical" part that refers to many experiments tried using Kittencal's recipes that end up turning out spectacular. I bought this steak on sale at the store but kind of regretting it later knowing I don't have a gril but just a standard oven. This turned out as tender as a Fillet and was spectacular. Many thanks again for saving me Kittencal! My steak turned out tender and restaurant quality in my eyes thanks to your expertise. This is yet another "keeper" I'll be saving from you.

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Seashorewalker January 24, 2010

Just what we were looking for!! After trying this recipe, I bought my daughter an iron skillet and here's the reason for my review - you need to know ahead of time that it's SMOKY when you're searing the steak and that is looks BURNT... but NEVER FEAR because it all turns out succulent in the end! I don't know if it's the resting under the foil... but it's magical and moist and our "go to" when the weather doesn't allow cooking outside! Kittencal, I've tried a few of your recipes, and, Girl, you got it!!!

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MacGuyver of the Kitchen February 07, 2014

Excellent recipe

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Norfolk08 March 24, 2013

I made this for my DH and I last night. They turned out perfect. I seared them in a cast iron pan then placed the entire thing in the oven . Sauteed some mushrooms and red onions to go along with the steak. Perfection!!!!!

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Posiespocketbook September 25, 2011

Decided to make steaks some other way than grill. I forgot to add the pepper and garlic powder while the meat was sitting out so I did this right before frying. Cooked in a nonstick frying pan and when it came time to transfer to the oven I placed the steaks in a greased glass dish. My mini thermometers did not work for some reason, so I guessed on the time. Even though they were well done (I like medium rare) these still had great flavor for only using oil, butter, garlic powder, and pepper. Served with Balsamic Sauteed Mushrooms. Made for Saucy Senoritas Family Picks ZWT5.

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Virginia Cherry Blossom June 10, 2009

This is the way they often cook steaks in restaurants, and it is a great method. Previous poster talked about leaving steak out. FYI: Food doesn't start to develop bacteria until it is at room temperature for 2 hours, not 1 hour. By the time your steak is out for 2 hrs. it will be at room temperature so there is no need to worry about bacteria or food poisoning.

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wholelottagall February 15, 2009

This was unbelievable. I started with two Filet Mignons from Costco. They always have great meats. I started with a rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. After rubbing that on, they sat for two hours. Then I preheated the oven to 400. I guess my secret is the pan. It is a modern style pan with a rippled bottom that applies "grill marks". A teaspoon of olive oil went into the pan that was very hot followed by the steaks. After 90 seconds the steaks were rotated 90 degrees then flipped over for the same treatment. Then the pan and steaks went into oven. The thermometer hit in about 8 minutes so out they came. I let them rest about 4 minutes then applied a small pat of butter and plated them. My wie's reaction said it all: "WOW!" First, this was fast and I never left the kitchen to go outside to the BBQ. Everything felt a lot more controllable then the BBQ. Next, weather is not a deterrent. The steaks were incredibly moist and had a very rich flavor. Next time I might add a little liquid smoke. This is the first time I have ever tried anything like this and it was one of the best steaks I have ever had. Please try it.

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Tim C. March 06, 2016

I'm world renowned for overcooking steaks. I use a Lodge grill pan, and this time I was lucky to have bacon fat at the ready to cook and baste with. I shortened the stove times by 3 minutes each side and the oven to just 2 mins before I was at target temp, and it was still slightly over. But if you know your stove and oven, you can make common-sense adjustments to this. BTW: Bacon fat makes the fat bubble and crisp so perfectly on the sides that you will never do it any other way after you experience it!

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Brooke B. September 29, 2015

I followed the recipe exactly as written, put it in the oven for 10 minutes-perfect medium well.

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Cincichic June 28, 2015

I have been a steak eater and dedicated BBQ griller for all of my adult 30+ years. I tried this tonight as we were having severe thunderstorms and don't know if I will ever grill a steak again. I prepared it exactly as suggested, and the result was amazing!

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Craig O. June 02, 2015
Kittencal's Pan-Seared Steak, Stove Top-To-Oven Method