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Great Pie crust I did mine also in the food processor and it rolled out great! Was nice and flaky and had great flavor...here's a tip for all you pie bakers out there. Bake your pies on the bottom shelf of your oven that way the bottom crust won't seem raw it will actually be cooked when the pie is done and that way the crust around the edges doesn't seem to get as dark either which can be a problem sometimes.

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Zelda Mae November 30, 2009

Wonderful pie crust!! I am definitely not an expert pie crust maker, and usually have to roll each crust out twice before I can line my pie dish with it (darn dough always sticks to my surface no matter how much I flour it - any dough, not just this one), and despite probably being a little over-handled, turned out light, flakey and has a lovely buttery flavour! Great recipe!!

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Matt, Averie & Kate's Mom August 19, 2010

As usual, Kittencal comes through with a fabulous recipe...again! I've been intimidated by the thought of making a pastry for awhile now, even though the desire has been there. And I gotta say, this was pretty easy, and turned out excellent! Although I used only AP flour and had to add a little more water (1-2 T more), it still turned out flaky and tasty for my chicken pot pie. I'm officially no longer a pie crust noob...thanks Kittencal!

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JV May 26, 2011

I love to bake but was always afraid of making piecrust. Not any more! This dough turns out wonderful! It`s easy to handle, rolls out well, and the taste and texture are fantastic! Kittencal is fast becoming my go-to girl for great recipes.

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David43515 August 03, 2010

This is the most incredible pie crust. It was amazingly easy to work with, and I had to refrigerate my dough for 24 hours cause I ran out of time to make pies the day i made the crust. It was easy to roll out in spite of that. I made some cinnamon sugar strips with the leftover dough, and my husband said they tasted like danish pastry dough......or cookies :) Everyone who had the pies I made with this dough, loved them! thanks for such a great recipe.

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fyreflye.girl November 30, 2009

I hate making pie crust, but this recipe has changed that. It's perfect as long as you don't over handle the dough and make sure everything stays cold. I made two 9 inch pie crust with this and still had some dough left over. I believe this recipe is the one and only I'll ever use. The search is over.

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Chef busy bee November 29, 2009

Chalk up another satisfied customer. Finally I can cross "Roll your own pie crust" off my bucket list. Thanks so much. :)

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Kat's Mom November 25, 2010

I used this recipe to make a chocolate cream pie. It turned out great. Ive been on recipezaar long enough to know that Kittencal has some MEAN recipes, and I mean that in the best way possible Thank you. P.S. I also froze a batch. I will repost when I use it and let you know how it turned out.

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knaylor76 May 17, 2010

Oh my goodness Kitten, you've done it again!! The buttery aroma from the kitchen as my apple pie baked in the oven drove me wild - and the flaky pastry tasted even better. My butter was salt-free & I substituted Crisco Golden All-Vegetable shortening for the lard. Since I prefer crumb topped pies, I froze half of the pastry for another day. I've editted this review to say that another day has come & the pastry I froze was just as good as the day I made it! Thanx for another winner Kitten!

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CountryLady January 30, 2005

I swore I would never make a pie crust again, but my go to pie crust, pillsbury refrigerated, keeps getting more expensive, so I bought some lard and set out to find a crust recipe. Kittencal has never failed me yet with a recipe, so I chose this one. I will NEVER buy a crust again. I used the food processor method, and it was simple and easy. The crust rolled out like a breeze, and was easy to handle to transfer to the pan. So light and flakey, crust was perfect!!! I'm making up batches today to keep refrigerated for Thanksgiving morning in a few days. Thanks for this recipe!!!

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trishpet November 18, 2012
Kittencal's No-Fail Buttery Flaky Pie Pastry/Crust