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This was so good that we made it two nights in a row! Super easy and incredibly moist. Thanks for a keeper!

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Axe September 20, 2010

We really liked this, but made a couple of minute changes. I left out the minced garlic, just adding in the amount of garlic powder suggested in the recipe. Didn't have any regular bread crumbs, so I used only panko bread crumbs (I absolutely recommend this--gives it a bit extra crunch) and I used that parmesan in the can because I didn't have enough fresh parmesan, which seemed to work out fine. I made mine in the microwave because it was faster, but I have a special heat lamp in my microwave that when used with a special skillet that came with the microwave makes the crust crispy. If you don't have that, I probably wouldn't cook it in the microwave. It was slightly overcooked (totally my fault for starting with frozen breasts and trying to thaw them in the microwave) but even then it was pretty awesome. I kept sneaking the little crunchies that had fallen off of the chicken...they were ALMOST better than the chicken ;-) Thanks Kittencal for this recipe, we'll definitely be using this one again and again!

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M to the K September 10, 2010

This was really good and both my wife and I clamored for more when it was done. It was a little strong on the garlic for our three little ones but will be absolutely perfect with it toned down just a little. The chicken was so soft and juicy I didn't even need a knife to cut it. Definitely a keeper.

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tmal5999 July 23, 2010

Wow! My husband and son said it was the best chicken I had ever made! (thanks to you...of course) I cut my chicken breasts into smaller strips and made into tenders. Smaller pieces = more delicious coating. I also baked on a rack over top a cookie sheet and the texture was perfect! I have requests for this again tonight for dinner. (this NEVER happens...) Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

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rachelhankinson June 16, 2010

I cooked 3 breasts for 35 minutes, got the other courses to my meal ready (which is no small deal being 9 months pregnant and having a 16 mo. old running around), only to find that my chicken was still COMPLETELY RAW. The outside hadn't even baked. The breasts were *not* large at all, and my oven works perfectly fine. I am terribly upset. Now I have everything ready for dinner with the exception of dinner itself.

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Smitty's Wife April 21, 2010

I made this with regular old boneless skinless chicken breasts and they were thick, chewy and dense. I probably should have pounded them out a bit prior to cooking. Additionally, the cheese combined with the garlic just made the chicken tangy, it wasnt very flavorful or garlicky and dare I say it needed salt. I think this would be great as the breasts for chicken parm or some other such dish but standalone I found them a bit too tangy and kinda sour tasting without much other flavor.

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deboresiaa November 05, 2009

This smelled delicious while baking, and the chicken came out moist and garlicky (I love garlic). But I followed the recipe exactly (for once), and it came out too salty. My hubby the salt-lover ate all his, but my kids and I couldn't finish ours even after scraping off the breading. After going through the reviews, I didn't see anybody else mention that, so I'm wondering if I did something wrong without realizing it. I used salted butter, or maybe there was more salt in my breadcrumbs than usual, I'm not sure. I'll try this again and omit the salt from the butter-garlic mixture and see if I have better results, will update my review then. I do love everything else about this recipe, so will definitely give it another shot.

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jaynine October 16, 2008

I thought this was pretty good, didn't love it and husband said it was only ok. I followed recipe exactly...just not our cup of tea I guess. Suprised me, it was not a full of flavor as I thought it would be. A little soggy on the bottom where it sat in the baking dish.

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Chef Kelly Bug April 04, 2008

this really didn't have much flavor. very moist, though. cooked it for a get together based on all of the reviews, and was extremely dissapointed. none of my guests were wowed. wouldn't make this again.

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PrincessPage April 02, 2008

I followed directions exactly. I believe that everything went accordingly and the chicken turned out as it should have. However, I felt that it was lacking. My 7 year old stepson made up a tummy ache to avoid eating it, my husband said it was "ok" and I can say that I was expecting much more after reading such great reviews. The taste was fine, but it was still "just chicken" to us. I also wasn't thrilled with the crust. It didn't get crispy enough, so I recommend adding the cheese at the end to disguise that. Overall, tastes fine, but if you are looking for something more than "just another chicken breast", keep looking.

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JaeElle July 01, 2007
Kittencal's Moist Cheddar-Garlic Oven Fried Chicken Breast