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O...M...G. This was SO good. I have to admit, since I'm not much of a chicken person, I wasn't exactly looking forward to having this. (The rest of the family loves chicken.) However, I absolutely LOVED it. I went back for seconds! I only changed it up slightly, due to some of the other reviews. For starters, I sliced my chicken breasts in half, so that they were thinner, hence allowing them to cook more evenly. I then used panko bread crumbs, to make them a bit crispier. Lastly, since a few people said that the breasts were a bit mushy on the bottom, I used a round pizza pan with holes in it. It worked perfectly. (I sprayed it with PAM.) I was nervous as these were baking, because they house smelled REALLY garlicky, however, I thought the amount of garlic was perfect and didn't taste overwhelming at all. The rest of the family raved about it, as well. THANK YOU Kittencal for the excellent recipe!

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teenachrist February 25, 2012

Another 5 star!! Love the garlic. My 10 year old said it was "beast". I cooked it both ways, on a baking dish and on a wire rack. Liked it much better on the rack to crisp it up a bit, but not to crispy, just right. Thank you for another great recipe!!

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Chef BBB June 06, 2010

Used crushed corn flakes instead of bread crumbs to make it crunchier.

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y1yp March 21, 2011

I used metal skewers thrust through the breasts to suspend them over a foil lined pan. Panko breaded, they were very crunchy all round. I salted w/ 'Tony Chachere's' and it was so good, I literaly licked the plate. Next time, I will pound the breasts flat before baking. This was easy and EXCELLENT, Thanks.

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Weewah December 16, 2011

I loved this.... but I used tilapia as well as chicken, because i like fish. It is PERFECT for tilapia. On chicken, it's just ok.

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corelila February 28, 2012

I made this yesterday for 3 people and 3 people loved it. My husband has launched this recipe into his top 5 things to eat.

I replaced the grated cheddar w/ more parmesan and in the last 10 minutes I coated the chicken w/ cheddar jack and shredded parmesan.

I also baked slices of tomatoes the same way as the chicken for a vegetarian friend and she thought it was great.

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Smarahcakes August 20, 2010

I'm going to be honest. I usually love my recipes from food.com with high ratings. This one was dry. My boyfriend didn't even eat half of it.

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annelaura04 April 11, 2011

I've been reading all the reviews here n just wanted to point out to all the negative reviewers that things can go wrong even if u follow the receipt to the T. Ovens r different, cookers r different, preps r different. if u think u hated it n it failed but others loved it maybe there's a reason? Don't give up! It's delicious just learn to twerk recipes to ur liking which most of the time needs to be done anyways! Everyones pallets r different n everyone may like it a different way! #JustSaying

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Nicole Sposato Torres August 25, 2015

I really wanted to like this. It smelled GREAT cooking. But when ti was supposed to be done I cut one open and it was completely raw.. I was kind of surprised. But then ended up cutting into another, and another, and they were all that way. I threw them in the oven for another 30 minutes, and they seemed done, but had never crisped up...at all. Nor did the cheese look like it even melted. My first bite was good, but then the rest was dry and chewy. Overall a horrible experience...possibly due to the chicken being too close to each other while cooking, and of course then I had cut them so all the juice ran out... I'm going to try this again at some point with another smaller batch of chicken...

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KinMa October 25, 2011

Tried this for Super Bowl Sunday, along with homemade lasagna, salad and garlic bread. Everyone came back for more. It was not overly garlic. I did find that the breading and butter was not enough for the 6 breasts. I had to double the butter, and also double the breading and breading seasonings. I cut back on the doubling the garlic, but did add more then called for, because I increased the butter. Keeping it covered during baking kept it really moist, but next time I think I will uncover it for the last 15 minutes to crisp it up. Sent the recipe home with two couples. It's a keeper

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Always in the kitchen Connie February 01, 2004
Kittencal's Moist Cheddar-Garlic Oven Fried Chicken Breast