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No more grease all over the stove & bacon cooks up nice & flat. While on vacation, I even cooked a batch the night before so we could enjoy it for a quick early breakfast. I stopped spraying the foil & the bacon still lifts up easily. I found draining the grease before putting a new layer of bacon on the tray, reduces burning & mess in the oven. I strain the grease then pour it into an ice cube tray & once frozen, transfer it to a freezer bag. I freeze bacon to crumble into salads, roasted veggies, BLT sandwiches, etc... My son-in-law thought it wouldn't taste the same but I served it to him for New Year's brunch & he couldn't tell it was previously frozen. I reheat it on a plate in the microwave with paper towel over top. Now we have bacon whenever we want. Many many thanks Kittencal!

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Oh Mama! March 03, 2011

This was awesome. It worked perfectly. Thick-cut Bacon was crispy after 20 minutes, turned over at 10. We like ours limp, so we'll try 17 next time. Clean up was a snap with tin foil covering the pan. I made a huge batch and cut the strips in half with a pair of kitchen scissors after they were cooked, layed them 4 strips at a time between layers of wax paper, sealed them in a plastic freezer baggie, and now whenever we want bacon, I just pull a few out, 20 seconds in the microwave and viola! No bacon smell permiating the entire house, and no greasy spots all over my clothes and favorite apron. I'll never make it the old-fashioned way again! Thanks again, Kittencal!

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Faux Chef Lael August 18, 2010

I've been cooking bacon this way for more than 35 years...never thought about the freezing and storing for later use issue, but it's a great idea. I use a grill 'pan' that has small holes for drainage, rather like an old-style broiler pan. I don't use foil... What I like best about this method is that the bacon is less salty and doesn't cook in it's own fat....and it's just plain easier than standing over a grease-spitting frying pan!

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cslckl April 03, 2012

This deserves more than 5*'s! I must admit I burned my first batch, but it was totally my fault. I set the timer for the second half of cooking time, but stepped away and did not hear the timer. Oh boy, what a waste LOL! However, the second batch was a winner by far. I lined my pans with foil, using the fatty ends of the bacon that I had cut off, to rub on the foil instead of nonstick spray. The bacon cooked perfectly, with much less shrinkage that cooking on the stove and it was perfectly crispy. I plan never to cook bacon on the stove again. Lining the pans with foil is just as important to the ease of this recipe as cooking it in the oven. Clean up such a breeze. I had nice bacon drippings to save with no muss or fuss! Drained on paper towels, put some in the freezer and some in the fridge to add to salads, etc. Thanks Kittencal!

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Bobtail November 14, 2009

This was so much easier to make then cooking it on the stove. I used turkey bacon and this only took five minutes to cook in my oven.

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bmcnichol February 23, 2012

the only way to make bacon in my opinion. it stays flat and gets nicely crisp. I drain the grease half way through cooking. save yourself some clean up and use foil.

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viviansmomma February 07, 2012

Awesome awesome awesome!!! I will never ever ever make bacon in the microwave or stovetop again (well, maybe in the hot summer :) I was worried about splatter and mess inside my oven - or that the grease might catch fire - but this was perfect! Thank you Kitten!

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Mrs. DeVelopment November 11, 2011

So easy!! No more burns and hardly any mess! Thanks a million!

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Ginny Ax August 04, 2011

Perfect bacon. I made last week and aside from the few pieces that I ate after they were done, I did freeze. I made this last week and tonight I made an omelet and used a couple of frozen strips of bacon with that recipe. The bacon tasted fresh and gave the dish a lovely flavor. You are an awesome cook, Kittencal, and thanks for posting this recipe

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sloe cooker April 18, 2011

Kittencal - You've done it again! Tried this today - worked beautifully! What a time saver - and no heavy smoky smell throughout the house. Thanks soooooo much for a great tip!

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luvadacook January 25, 2011
Kittencal's Method for Oven Cooked Bacon