Kittencal's Honey Garlic Sauce

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

This sauce may be used with meatballs, ribs, chicken wings anything you desire, and may be doubled if desired but do increase the fresh garlic too much or the garlic flavor will be to strong, the chili flakes are only optional I like to add them in for some heat :)

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  1. In a bowl whisk together the chicken broth with cornstarch until smooth and no lumps remain.
  2. Add in honey, soy sauce, vinegar and brown sugar; whisk vigorously until well combined.
  3. In a medium saucepan heat oil over medium-low heat.
  4. Add in garlic and chili flakes (if using) cook stirring until softened (about 2 minutes, do not brown the garlic).
  5. Whisk in cornstarch mixture; bring to a simmer stirring constantly and cook until the sauce is slightly thickened (about 3-4 minutes).
  6. Delicious!
Most Helpful

5 5

Fantastic! One night we had it over bbq beef ribs and the next over chicken and broccoli. A little extra soy sauce gives it a nice oriental flavor. Substituted crushed red pepper for paprika and used 4 tbs flour instead of the cornstarch.

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Awesomely delicious! We put it on BBQ'd chicken wings tonight. I can always trust Kittencal's recipes to be delicious.

5 5

Excellent, thanks! it cooked up perfectly, I served it to my table full of boys and they all loved it, plus its all ingredients on hand... thanks for this :)