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I've tried countless time to make French bread, but every time it turned out as flat and hard as matzos... until I tried this recipe. This recipe is fool-proof! It turned out two of the most beautiful loaves that I've ever seen. Mix the dough at speed 4 on your stand mixer; I did some research and apparently this yields the best dough consistency. Thank you so much for the recipe!

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julia.cheong.ec May 06, 2011

I know it seems harsh, but here's why 2 stars:

- This does not taste like a baguette from a good bakery. It is not flavorful enough. I suggest a poolish and an additional rise to fix this.

- Does not have the hole structure of a good bread. Again, suggest more fermentation time to get that. It has, as pictured, basically all-one-size rather small pores in the bread. A good baguette has all different size holes.

It gets 2 stars, not 1 star, because it will come out, does present well (very pretty crust), and is the easiest and fastest recipe I've ever seen for bread. Unfortunately, this comes with a flavor price. To be expected, but I figured I'd try based on the reviews. Well, now you have mine. Cheers.

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theonlyonenottaken April 30, 2011

If you told me this recipe was for a very good white sandwich bread I'd give it 5 stars. But this recipe does not make Baguette. The recipe was easy to follow and the instructions produced an excellent white loaf. But it really wasn't Baguette.

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Maya's Mama January 01, 2013

Thank you Kitten! 1st time I used my Kitchen Aid for bread and I loved it (I just got it for Christmas, so I'm happier than a pig in...well mud)! So quick & easy. I've made bread for years & years, I don't have an ABM, I like the hands on method, this recipe provides the best of both. Your step-by-step instructions for the mixer method were spot on. Very delicious bread. Only thing I did differently was to use rapid-rise yeast (all I had) and still worked perfectly, two beautiful, tender loaves. By the way, chef 311074 who only gave you 2 stars (as was their right to do) does pop up under different names, always bad reviews and always signing off with "cheers" and no profile. I would advise readers to trust tried-and-true cooks like yourself and others on this site. Thanks again, love your recipes -- Nina
Jeez forgot the stars! I've got my fourth batch in 2 weeks whirling away in the mixer. LOL thanks again for a great recipe. -- Nina

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nina22541 February 08, 2013

I made this exactly as directed... ( made 1/2 the recipe =1 loaf). I also used bread flour. This is amazing bread. I now will throw out all of my other french bread recipes!!! Kittencal you've done it again...

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petlover January 02, 2011

This was the best easiest dough to make!!!!!! Thank you Kittencal!

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MrsNCarter1 February 01, 2016

Head's up. The most signatory characteristic of a baguette is its crusty exterior. That is missing in this recipe. If you wish to make this recipe more authentic, wait a few minutes after putting the dough in the oven, and then use a light sprayer with water (a Windex sprayer will do) and spray the sides of the oven to create steam at 5minute intervals 2-3 times. If you want an even more authentic taste, do as the French do. Consider using a classic "sponge" as part of your rising agent. You can create a sponge the night before by combining one cup of flour, 1 cup of water and 1/2 teaspoon of yeast in a covered crock or plastic container, left on the cpounter. . Use one cup of the result with the recipe (reducing the recipe by 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 flour) To keep your very own sponge going, simply replace the flour and water, not the yeast, mix and place it in the fridge. I have seen sponges being used that were started by ancestors.

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Julius T. April 04, 2015

This is a good bread recipe for beginning bread makers, like me. Very easy. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfect. So proud of myself. As others have said it's not french bread, nor a baguette. Just plain great tasting white bread. I actually made this recipe into 4 small loaves as there's just the two of us. It does have a lot of salt so I might do as another poster suggested and use 1 tsp instead. This will be a staple for me. Thanks!

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Joyce C. March 24, 2014

I've never had such good luck with a yeast bread. I made this bread yesterday and we used it for sandwiches....WOW. We loved it! This is my new favorite French Bread recipe. It's so easy to make with the mixer doing all the kneading. Thanks Kittencal for another great recipe. I give it 10 stars....I can't seem to get the stars to come up...any suggestions?

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Baknpies49 December 14, 2013

Super soft bread-I make this every week. Use 4 and half teaspoons of yeast from the jar and it comes out perfectly.

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Phxbaker November 02, 2013
Kittencal's French Bread/Baguette (Kitchen Aid Mixer Stand Mixer