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YUMMY!!! KittenCal said "one bowl" so I went even easier and threw EVERYTHING at the same time into a blender and hit the mix button! I used stick margarine in place of Crisco or Butter since there was a debate. They came out PERFEECT!!! A great vanilla base for your favorite icing to be the star!

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AngMcB August 05, 2010

I made these and served them about 4 hours later. They were not good and although the birthday boy was gracious, he agreed that they are not a "redo". I used the icing from Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (From Sprinkles Cupcakes) which was very tasty. Basically, everyone was eating the icing instead of the cupcake.

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lmkga February 15, 2009

I just finished making this recipe and your "Vanilla Buttercream Frosting". A good baker I am however the cupcakes (outside of being unhealthy w/the amt. of shortening used) did not have any flavor to them. I was thoroughly disappointed. It's been a long time since I've made cupcakes from scratch and sorry but these didn't cut it for me. I had to throw them away,

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cmcollins46 December 25, 2008

I was very excited to try this recipe after seeing all of the wonderful reviews but I didn't have the best luck with my attempt. They came out more like corn bread though I didn't mind that too much. Some of my cupcakes overflowed the muffin cup and on taking them out the tops came right off! LOL!! Maybe I baked them too long? The flavor was just ok for me. Although this recipe now restores my faith in 'One Bowl' recipes. I tried a different one bowl recipe from a cookbook and they came out awful, dry and texture-less . So now I know they don't all come out that way. This was a nice recipe though.

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BahaMama June 24, 2008

I use a lot of Kittencal's recipes, and they're usually spot on. The recipe definitely didn't work, but I was able to salvage it and make something delicious. Initially, batter was way too thick - almost doughy, so I checked the reviews to see if anyone else had noted it and realized I should start reading reviews before I start cooking! Since it hadn't gone into the oven yet, I added about 1/4 cup of vegetable spread, and 1/4 cup of liquid (I used eggnog, since many reviews said it needed something). That batch didn't rise and came out looking like dense mini cornbread, but the flavor was pretty good from the 'nog. I added 1/2 cup of milk and eggnog to the batter so that the batter was more loose, like a cake batter. I thought it didn't leaven properly the first time, so I added 1 tsp of baking soda as well. Viola! I have the most amazing, delicious, fluffy eggnog cupcakes ever! I think the best overall fix is to add the baking soda, 1/4 c of butter/margarine, and 1/2-3/4 cup milk/cream/eggnog to loosen up the batter.

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ThatKat December 11, 2012

Oh my goodness where do I begin! These cupcakes are horrible and do have a yorkshire pudding type of problem as others have noted. I have tried these on 3, THREE, separate occasions and followed the recipe exactly and they came out horribly. They fall, run over, and never come out like a true domed ideal cupcake. I use the correct cooking temperature, filled them 1/4 of the way (not even half) to ensure they wouldn't run over, aluminum lined cups in cupcake tins, and I have done everything possible short of praying for these to come out right but they haven't. There is something truly wrong with this recipe. Please, skip this cupcake. I have wasted much money and frustration on this garbage of a recipe. How it ever got to be rated so high is beyond me.

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TheKrakenGirl November 10, 2011

These are very good cupcakes and incredibly easy to prepare. They rose evenly and had a good vanilla flavour. I did two batches - one with butter and the other with vegetable oil and they were both good. Easy cleanup and would have given 5 stars but thought they could have been just a tad moister but maybe that was just me??? I added a couple of pictures. Thank you.

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scimietta99 November 22, 2010

I made these as written and they were a little too sweet for me. Next time I'll add a 1/4 cup less sugar as suggested. I added some extra half and half because the batter seemed thick. The texture of the cupcakes was beautiful. I got 19 cupcakes plus one tiny one.

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Nanita August 07, 2010

I found these cupcakes a little too dense and a little boring for vanilla cupcakes. I suppose my standards should be lower when searching for plain cupcakes, I don't know what I excpected. They still tasted good though, and dissapeared in a couple of days, even with my additions of chocolate chips etc. to make them more interesting.

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ccostain January 05, 2010

I didn't really care for these cupcakes. I thought the flavor was okay, but I ended up not using them because of the dense texture. My preference leans more towards the lighter, fluffier cupcakes. They were very easy though. Also, I never had this happen before, but the color from the cupcake liners was actually sucked off the liners and into the cupcakes. I've used these liners before and since without this phenomena happenning, so I am assuming it is something in the mix, but I have no idea what! Possibly the shortening? I don't normally use shortening so maybe this happens normally with shortening based batters. Anyway, very strange.

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ckarbousky December 26, 2009
Kittencal's Easy One-Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes