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This is my 2nd time making this recipe - it's very tasty. I have a similiar recipe but wanted to try adding a bit of my own to this one and see what happened. It was good! Still mainly her base recipe (because her's is easier to do and a better recipe) but with a wee bit of my own along with it. So - I browned the chops first which is not in the directions but is in the initial description as a suggestion. In my mind, this is a very important step for flavour and texture. I sprinkled some garlic salt and seasoning salt on them before browning. Into her mixture for the sauce, I added one very finely chopped up jalapeno pepper. This doesn't make it hot at all but is a nice addition to the other flavours in the mix. After the chops were browned and put in the baking dish, I kept the frying pan hot and poured in 1/2 cup dry white wine (Sonoma Ridge Pinot Grigio to be exact but a chardonnay would work nicely too - especially an unwooded one). That loosened up the bits in the pan nicely and added lovely flavour poured into the waiting sauce. **you can't taste the wine in the sauce but it does enhance the other flavours quite nicely. I basically followed the recipe otherwise with one other small change - I didn't have parmesan cheese so used romano. Was good. The sauce was so flavourful. Used it on top of boiled potatoes too. This is a "lick the platter clean" kind of meal. Thank you KittenCal

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Beautiful BC March 13, 2008

This was a REAL family pleaser! If your family likes meat and potatoes, you HAVE to try this one! I did brown the pork chops first, then saved a little of the drippings to saute the onion and 8 oz. sliced fresh mushrooms that I had. I thought about only using one can of soup, but decided to use both. I did not top with the cheddar cheese. I served this with Creamy-Dreamy Mashed Potatoes and salad, and all 4 of us were VERY happy! There was the perfect amount of gravy for the meat and potatoes, but if you are only using the sauce for the chops, I think it would be enough for 8. On a busy night, I might make it without browning the chops and using canned mushrooms, but I don't know if I want to mess with perfection! Thanks again Kitten!

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ColCadsMom January 10, 2008

I really didn't care for this for some reason, I think it was the grated Parmesan. I really don't care that much for Parmesan cheese. I think it would be quite good without it and think I'll try it one more time but will omit the Parmesan.

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Catnip46 October 31, 2011

My kids love this recipe. So amazingly good. Although I do substitute onion powder for onions as kids aren't big on chunks of onion.

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huckleberrypie July 29, 2010

I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago and forgot to review it. The whole family enjoyed these pork chops and they were so easy to make. I was out of parm cheese, so had to omit that. Otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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Dreamgoddess June 07, 2009
Kittencal's Easy Mushroom Soup Pork Chops