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We enjoyed this chicken very much! To cut out some fat, I added about 2 TBSP of Hidden Valley ranch dressing powder to the bread crumbs instead of dipping the chicken in ranch dressing. Then I used just a dab of olive oil to coat the chicken before dipping it into the crumbs. I did not add any additional butter on top. If I would have had plain low-fat greek yogurt on hand, I would have added the ranch mix to the yogurt, dipped the chicken, then coated it in the crumbs. This flavor was DELICIOUS!

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nrb7eb August 08, 2013

The firs time, I made this recipe exactly as directed and it was delicious. Hubby and I really liked it, although Hubby said it it was not *quite* as good as his favorite, Kittencal's Moist Cheddar-Garlic Oven Fried Chicken Breast (Kittencal's Moist Cheddar-Garlic Oven Fried Chicken Breast). It was simple and quick to prepare, and cleanup was a snap with the tinfoil. <br/><br/>I've made this a few times since then and I haven't changed the ingredients, just the prep. Three tips I would suggest to make this top-notch:<br/><br/>1) Even on the bottom oven rack on a cookie sheet, it still got slightly soggy. Now I bake it on a rack over the cookie sheet. The cleanup is not as quick, but it gives us that crispy crust we were craving. <br/><br/>2) Use high-quality ingredients - it really makes a difference. Use good chicken breasts, not those cheap frozen ones. Consider grating your own Parmesan and use a nice aged one. Make your own Ranch dressing. The bottled kind is just too sweet. And lastly, use a bread crumb that will help with the crispy factor. Panko is a nice choice but the herbs in an Italian bread crumb mix really bring the flavor up a notch, so if you use Panko, I would add some Italian herbs yourself.<br/><br/>3) Do not overcook the chicken. I can't stress this enough. Keep checking it and remember that it will continue to cook when you take it out. You should let it rest for a few minutes before serving to allow the juices to move from the surface back into the flesh. <br/><br/>Thanks, Kittencal! Your recipes are always 5 stars in my book!

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Faux Chef Lael August 01, 2013

These were really tasty! I made a half recipe using chicken tenders. Use regular bread crumbs but baked on a cooling rack on top of a baking pan which helped keep it from getting soggy on the bottom. These will be made again! Thanks for sharing.

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StacyMD187373 June 13, 2013

absolutely delicious!! the chicken comes out so moist. This has become my favorite chicken recipe

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jeskuhsmeekers April 16, 2013

This recipe is very good and easy to prepare. I used spicy ranch dressing and chipotle Panko with a little parmesan cheese mixed in. I guesstimated the amounts as I was only cooking two breasts. I poured about half a cup of dressing in a bowl and brushed it on rather than dipping it. I ended up with very little waste, maybe a spoonful of each. I also baked them in my toaster oven for about 45 minutes as they were thick breasts.

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marym758 March 15, 2013

Excellent. Everyone enjoyed this at dinner last night. Cooked exactly as written using panko bead crumbs. Thanks for sharing, this will be in our normal rotation!

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govt45 February 25, 2013

Excellent; I added mozzarella cheese. Really moist. Loved the buttery taste. Thank you.

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le5691 December 11, 2012

This recipe was super easy and delicious and the chicken was very moist. I whipped it up last minutes with some shells & cheese and steamed vegetables because the short ribs that I had started and planned for dinner were still frozen and wouldn't be ready in time for an early dinner so this was a winner and my husband was sitting next to me making some serious happy noises...lol

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Demetria H. December 10, 2012
Kittencal's Easy and Delicious Ranch-Parmesan Chicken