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I had chicken breasts to prepare for dinner and made this. I'm not afraid to rate a recipe appropriately. But, from experience Kittencal has always come through with terrific recipe results. I used panko (1 cup) and because I was getting bold with this adventure I added 1/4 cup of canned italian bread crumbs to the dry mixture. In response to those who have a "soggy" problem I would question the bread crumbs you are using. In the past I used bread crumbs I grated from sandwich bread and in doing so my breading never ever produced a crispy crust. Just a note Panko is sold at the grocery store in the canned bread crumb section or in the oriental food section and works GREAT. Kitten, the big test is always my husband. He is picky. And, I have him trained to tell me his honest opinion about my cooking. He raved about this chicken. He just kept saying "man this is good." And, I agree the taste is spectacular. During baking I turned each chicken piece a few times. They got cripsy and very moist and tasty. One more note, I added spray butter and I'm sure it was because of the Panko that still made it end up crispy. Thanks for another 10 star keeper recipe Kitten! Man it was good!

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Seashorewalker July 29, 2010

I finally made this last night. My husband and I loved the recipe. Very simple and easy to make. He said the chicken had great flavor. I baked the chicken on a cookie sheet lined with foil, but used a cooling rack on top of the cookie sheets to bake the chicken. It was perfect. Thanks....

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t4cram4_7252722 February 14, 2011

Wonderful and easy to make. Used Mrs. dash instead of seasoning salt because it's what I had on hand. Definitely recommend using Panko crumbs. Also pour out Ranch a little at a time so if you don't use it all you don't have to toss it because raw chicken was in it. Easy cleanup using foil too. My son who is 5 and is pretty much a vegetarian actually finished this off before his carnivorous 3 yr old brother. Will definitely make again!

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The Amaze-Ing Me February 11, 2011

This was sooo good! I used 3 good sized chicken breasts and it was done in 30 mins! Thanks for the great recipe! :D

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jessicaweber1985 February 07, 2011

As usual, a great recipe from Kitten! And while another review really isn't needed, I can't help it. We have been very rushed lately, so this chicken was the star in my attempt to get us a good weekday meal for once this month! If only the rest of my toss together dinner had been as wonderful--to quote DH "The mashed potatoes needed more milk, the broccoli was overdone, but the chicken!!!!" A keeper and our thanks!

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Dwynnie April 28, 2011

My Husband actually made this and it was great. If he can make it anybody can.

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ChefMom5 October 02, 2010

I prepared it according to recipe except that I used 1 1/2 pounds of breast tenderloins instead of full size breast. It was really good. Everyone that tried it liked it. I did use the panko and the highest measure of spices called for. I also marinated it for 24 hours in the ranch dressing. Since I used the breast tenderloins it only took 14 minutes to cook (7 turn and 7 more). It was moist and not soggy at all.

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~SwoR~ April 08, 2010

This hardly needs another 5 star rating, but I couldn't resist! This was delicious! I used a mix (about 50/50) of panko and italian seasoned breadcrumbs, and for the dressing I used a Parmesan ranch. I cooked the chicken a little bit longer because it wasn't fully thawed. I placed a cooling rack on a baking sheet, but the bottom still was a little bit soggy. I'll find a way to fix that next time. But it was such a tasty chicken dish! Very moist chicken, good breading on the outside. I was a bit worried about having uncooked chicken (most of my attempts at baking chicken without a precook in a pan don't go exactly as planned) but this was wonderful! Next time I'll probably pound the chicken a little flatter so I don't brown the breading so much in an effort to cook it all the way through, and I'll probably add some shredded cheese the last couple of minutes.

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hodgemo2 January 06, 2010

This is in my regular rotation - I can't believe I never reviewed it! I use Italian seasoned breadcrumbs. I'm a fan of "easy," so I put the chicken in the baking dish (with aluminum foil lining the bottom of course), spread some ranch on top, flip the breast over, pour a little more ranch on that side, and then shake the bread crumb mix over the top of it! I omit the butter as I don't think it needs it. My other handy hint: if you make it my way, then the chicken has never touched the bread crumbs, and you can throw the crumb/cheese mix in a Tupperware and put it back in the fridge for next time. Trust me, you'll be wanting to make this again! Side note: I made this with pork chops one night - TO DIE FOR!

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Mid-Mo Bakerette April 14, 2014

I've made this several times and always been pleased by the results. The dipping and breading steps are very messy (I think my ranch dressing is too thick; I may thin it a bit next time, as it just glops on and doesn't drip off) but very worth it. This last time, I also used Mrs. Dash instead of the seasoning salt, and I always use whole wheat panko and never use the butter. I may try turning the chicken during cooking next time, as another reviewer suggested, as I did end up with some soggy spots despite baking on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

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OneEye April 23, 2013
Kittencal's Easy and Delicious Ranch-Parmesan Chicken