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Good stuff...rich, but not heavy and not too sweet. I frosted a from-a-mix cake for DS's birthday. I used Dutch Process cocoa. Received compliments from son's friends. It tended to "melt" at room temp, so best refrigerate.

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Chef Patty S April 12, 2005

Followed the recipe using margarine (only because butter is almost $5.00 a lb right now!) and I used the amount of cocoa for the medium intensity.(I like that kittencal gives those options) I used the whipping cream too. I would say this DOES take more than 5 min. Maybe 15. But its very very good! And I like the silky creamy texture! Used it to ice yellow cupcakes. It wasn't overly sweet, but just right! Thank you!!!

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imatrad November 03, 2014

Excellent frosting! I didn't read the directions and was sifting the powdered sugar and cocoa together in my food processor. I then saw that I was supposed to cream the butter and add cocoa then alternate sugar and cream. I ended up dumping it all in the food processor and it turned out great! Spread it on Sue B's chocolate cake and had a great dessert.

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cam063 October 01, 2014

This frosting is tasty and creamy, but it is also exceptionally sweet! I had to add 1/2 cup more cocoa and a large dollop of sour cream to make it edible. If I make it again, I would use less than 2 cups powdered sugar.

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awilliams234 September 28, 2014

(Med chocolate one) Used 18% cream. Doubled the recipe, and used margarine. I like a little stiffer frosting when working with it, so I didn't add extra cream when making it. It was a coolish morning and after creaming my margarine, switched to my whisk attachment. Pretty much just added the liquids after that to the margarine, then slowly added the dry. (almost pulsing on low speed until almost all of the dry was moist to prevent it poofing all over, before putting on a higher speed). Only mixed it until it was well incorporated and looked smooth whipped as I didn't want it to separate. This is a great and easy recipe. I love that this recipe wasn't so sweet. I am not a huge frosting lover, but I fear my cake that is waiting to cool doesn't stand a chance with this on top! Thanks again Kitten, as always, a great recipe!<br/><br/>Update: Just used the rest of this frosting that I made from this review, (I had frozen the rest.) And I just want to say that I use it on a Chiffon cake I did up for my son's birthday, and This frosting really does freeze well. I brought it out to sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours, but I don't think I had to. If anyone knows what it is like to frost a cake that is fresh fresh, it can be a pill, but this frosting really worked well even in that situation. EDIT: 23/07/2014 Used this recipe again.. I just have to say I still love this recipe. This time however, I didn't have any milk or cream in the house, I still tried to make this with just water, and was pleased to say that it turned out fine! =)

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sandesnow July 23, 2014

I made this with the maximum cocoa and whole milk, but it came out tasting rather bland. Also, it's very light in texture. Not quite whipped cream, but not the gooey, fudgy frosting I was looking for. The cake I baked was intensely chocolate, so it was okay overall, but I think I'ill keep looking.

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Kitchencastaway July 18, 2014

Made the dark version, and doubled for a thicker frosting on my 9x13 cake. This is fantastic; rich and creamy. It makes you understand what your parents and grandparents mean when they say the canned icing doesn't taste like the things their parents made when they were kids. Kittencal's recipes are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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Queen Roachie July 06, 2014

This was simple and delicious. I used all the cocoa, and doubled the recipe. Enough to frost a layer cake and have some left over. So nice to have a good recipe that doesn't require cooking, especially in the summer!

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stacya100 July 04, 2014

This was the first time I have ever made chocolate frosting...I usually get store-bought. This was so much better! I made it to go on yellow cupcakes my husband requested for his birthday. Thank you for sharing!

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Karabea June 24, 2014

This frosting is the best that I have ever made! Easy and Delicious.

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MissDelilah May 26, 2014
Kittencal's Chocolate Frosting/Icing