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I made this my own way but I can tell it would still be 5 stars. I used jalapeno cream cheese because we like spicy and because that's what I had on hand. Since I used jalapeno cream cheese I also used some cayenne pepper. I baked these without sauce and the added the sauce after. Made these nice and crispy and we could control the amount of sauce we wanted. Thanks Kitten!

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gingerly88 November 22, 2014

A super easy and delectable recipe that sticks to your ribs! I used a rotisserie chicken and because of reviewer comments about the onions not being completely cooked through, substituted cream cheese with chives as well as onion powder instead of adding onions to the filling. As others mentioned, I also decided to add a vegetable to the filling - a bag of thawed, frozen spinach in cream sauce. I didn't have a problem with soggy crescents since I baked them without the sauce and served it on the side instead. I will certainly make this again, maybe switching up meat, soup, cheese and a different vegetable. That's another beautiful thing about this recipe - it's awesome as is, but lends itself nicely to adjustments and variations depending on what your family likes! I've never met a Kittencalskitchen recipe I didn't like - Thanks so much Kitten, for another fabulous recipe!!

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Enchntress November 21, 2014

This was good, but I didn't like how heavy and rich it was and I didn't even add all the cheese. I had cheddar cheese soup instead of cream of chicken and omited the cheese that was to be added with the soup. I too waited to put the soup on until the 10 or so minutes of baking. I would play around with this recipe some more to make it lighter.<br/>UPDATE: I added mixed veggies to the sauce and did not add cheese to the chicken filling. We enjoyed these much more this time.

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Chef AngieW September 11, 2014

This was delicious! Made it tonight and we all loved it. Because of the 'soggy bottom' comments, I baked the stuffed crescent rolls in a greased Pyrex dish by themselves for the first 15 minutes while I made the sauce. Then I added the full recipe of sauce on top plus a little extra cheddar and cooked for the remaining 15 minutes. At the end I turned on the broiler to get that nice slightly brown and bubbly top that finishes dishes like this just right. Perfect! I also made a couple substitutions to bring down the fat and calorie content. I used the 'Healthy Choice' cream of chicken soup, light mayo, and 1% milk in the sauce instead of cream. I also added about 1/2 cup of thawed frozen peas & carrots to the filling. This will be a new staple around here. Thanks, Kitten!

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Camden's Mom September 01, 2014

The first bite... we we not happy..... second bite... well. yes. I can eat this... third bite.. yes.. we like it. It's a good concept.... it needs veggies... and some other flavor..... it was a little too 'processed' if that's a flavor..... I know 'processed' is not a flavor.. but some of you will know what I mean.

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luvmybge April 16, 2014

OMG...yummooooo. Love this. creamy, moist and delicious. Make ahead and freeze. Leftovers get better. Make a double batch and freeze a pan full.

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Alayane April 13, 2014

I was so excited to eat this that I forgot to take a photo! I want to say right off that I know some people complained that the rolls were soggy when they drizzled them with sauce ahead of time. I did that and after 40 minutes they were perfectly crisp, but you could not really tell that there was ever sauce on them since it dried after baking. I will try it that way again, though, but maybe experiment with different cheeses for fun. This had to be the best comfort food since learning to make my own chicken croquettes last year. As for some reviews saying the flavors were too mixed, I found otherwise - when savoring my first few bites I could immediately distinguish the cream and cheddar cheeses. I used a 10 inch or so old Corningware deep dish that contained the 8 crescents perfectly, but they were touching after baking - so if you want them totally separated, use a larger dish or put fewer in the dish. I may add some carrot bits to the mixture for color and texture.

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Kevin V. February 14, 2014

I made this in a stoneware dish and it came out wonderful! This recipe was an instant hit with my family. I will definitely make again! However, in my opinion, the flavor of the ingredients blended together too much, thus only giving it 4 stars.

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Fallsie August 06, 2013
Kittencal's Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole