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I used a jellyroll pan and did not put sauce on the bottom of the pan. They cooked in about 15 minutes and were perfect - no soggy bottom, no uncooked roll anywhere. Served with the sauce on the side. Also they were great the next day! I plan on making these again

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WannabebetterCook July 28, 2013

WAY too salty. Followed the recipe exactly. Wasn't too salty the second time around without the sauce, (had leftover filling, so made for lunch next day) but I won't be making this again.

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jadeblackhawk November 17, 2011

Just finished baking this dish....and it was fabulous!!! I use the extra large crescents which brown nicely and no soggy bottom, and yes, I used just a small amount on the bottom of the baking dish. After I put the filling ingredients together, I tasted it to be sure it was what I liked and it was!!!! Instead of using raw onions, I used minced. I think I'll add mushrooms and some pimento next time. I thinned out the sauce just a little and used the amount of cheese given... I may try adding white wine .....for the adult version!

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trocar2456 March 28, 2011

I really, really wanted to like this since I always love Kittencal's recipes. I am sorry to say it was just OK. I made this for a visiting relative and she said "This is lovely" (she's English so I think this means "so-so"). My husband was silent and did not have seconds. I made as directed but did not put sauce on the bottom. Even after 40 min. the bottoms of the rolls were not done. We ate it anyway as all the sides were ready. It's not that it tasted bad by any means, but with so much cheese, etc. it was hard to tell there was any chicken even though I used a bit more than called for. On the other hand, our one year old grandaughter loved it...

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surus February 14, 2011

Made this tonight for the family. They absolutely loved it, but it was too salty. Next time, I think I will cut out any salt, the cheese adds enough salt for our tastes. Also, I cooked it for 35 mins and it was just perfect! I did not find it soggy at all.

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nccrreporter September 01, 2010

Kittencal - this is such a great recipe! I've been wanting to make it ever since I discovered it several months ago... Tonight, I decided I'd try it out for dinner, but I wanted a spicier taste. I usually follow the recipe exactly the first go-round, but did not this time. I used a store bought rotisserie chicken breast, and (as always) I hand shredded the meat. I mixed the meat with some taco seasoning, and then mixed it with cream cheese, butter, garlic powder, shredded cheddar cheese, about 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, and about the same of salsa. I rolled the mixture up in the crescent rolls and baked them in a greased dish sans any sauce. I did serve some salsa with peach preserves mixed in on the side. The taste was right on the spot!! I made a total of 6 bundles and my DH and I ate 3 on spot, two are packed for his lunch tomorrow, and one is packed for mine. I think that the next time, I will try the original version. Thanks for giving me inspiration for another dinner night! :)

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flirtyfunchick June 07, 2010

fantastic! i've had this saved forever and finally got around to making it! this is a great make ahead dish, which i love! the only changes i made were to add minced garlic, serrano peppers and fresh parsley to the filling, and i used leftover rotisserie chicken. i decided to just bake the crescents and drizzle the sauce on as i served it and served with more sauce on the side. oh and i did play around with the sauce a bit, adding garlic powder, lots of black pepper and fresh parsley. next time i will try the jumbo crescents and bake the rolls in the sauce as written. thanks for another keeper carol!!! the flavors are really outstanding. bravo!

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KPD January 11, 2009

Oh, I was so disappointed with these. I should have paid more attention to the reviews, and so I won't make a star rating. This is the first time I've made a Kittencal recipe that just didn't work for me. I used Turkey in the filling (and didn't care for the flavor, should definitely use chicken) but the problem was the sauce/dough. I simply couldn't get it to COOK all the way through. I did put sauce under and over the rolls, and I filled the rolls far too full thinking it would be very casserole-like in texture and would be okay -- but it wasn't. The dough simply would not cook; I ended up burning the top and sides and the middle was still totally, completely raw. I still think this is a great idea, but if I try again it will be with the sauce served on the side, and I will halve (or less) the filling. I filled two cans of crescent rolls very VERY plumply (TOO MUCH) and there was still a lot left over. I'm sure this was my mistake; as I filled the rolls too much and used way too much sauce. I may try again sometime, but we ordered pizza tonight.

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JeannaLW December 18, 2008

Excellent! Thank you Kittencal for submitting this! My kids and the ex-DH gobbled this up like there was no tomorrow! I made it exactly as the recipe says, and it turned out perfect! It's a definite "keeper" in my family from now on! Thanks again! Stacy :) UPDATE: Just made this again, much to the delight and accolades of my kids! Once again, easy, rich, flavorful and just plain yummy! It's one that I've passed on to my sisters and is a regular recipe in my rotation...Thanks again, Kitten! YUM! ;)

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Stacky5 April 11, 2006

I was excited to try this recipe after all the positive reviews, but the flavors turned out processed and artificial instead of like the home-baked comfort food I had hoped it would be. It tastes like if you dunked an onion-flavored donut into cheese sauce. I didn't think the cream of chicken soup and cheese base tasted good with the sweetness of the Pillsbury crescent rolls, and the chicken/onion/cream cheese filling was a little strong. I felt heavy & unhealthy after eating this. It does bake up beautifully, however, just like the photos! My husband said it was good, though!

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shikwasa76 September 15, 2005
Kittencal's Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole