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If you could smell the aroma of this baking, you would immediately bakee a batch of your own! And is it good!!! I usd half the dough to make two small loavs in mini pans--resulted in two gorgeous loaves. I used the other half to make nine lovely rolls. The color, without the topping or egg wash, is a golden brown, the texture is moist, the crumb excellent. I did use good extra sharp cheddar, the flavor and scent of which is wonderful. I know I'll be making these often. Thanks, Kitz!

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Chef Kate July 31, 2007

This turned out so good. I used mild cheddar and it would've probably had more cheese taste if I had used sharp but it was still delicious. The bread has such a pretty color with darker specks in it from the cheese..very visually appealing loaf. After reading the previous reviews, I skipped the cheese on top. I made 4 small loaves and they're perfect to freeze and thaw one out for a meal. Want to make some buns with jalapenos added next time. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Sandy in Oklahoma January 03, 2007

Very tasty! Bread turned out with a very nice texture and flavor, although I should have gotten a sharper cheddar. I think it would also be good with Asiago cheese. I had a little trouble getting the cheese to stick to the bread in the last step, but that is because of the round shape I made. Plan on making the rolls some time for burgers. Thanks for posting this one!

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Outta Here November 05, 2006

This is absolutely one of the best loaves of bread I've baked. I halved the recipe and it came out just fine, although I did need additional flour. I did the mixing/kneading/first rise in the bread machine, then took it out, punched it down and shaped into a loaf; let it rise again. It made a BIG loaf! The only problem is that the cheddar that's sprinkled on top falls off when you slice the bread...but no matter. It's just sooo incredibly good, I'll work around that! Next time I'll try making buns. Thanks Kitten for another good one. ;)

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Karen=^..^= September 11, 2006
Kittencal's Cheddar Loaves or Buns