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So simple, so amazing. I use one whole chicken, except for the breasts which I remove and roast. After the broth is done, I use the dark meat from the chicken in another recipe that week (e.g., chicken nachos). If I want to make chicken noodle soup with the broth, I chop up and add back in the breast meat, along with about a cup of sliced carrots, a half a cup celery and two cups cooked noodles. Otherwise, I store this in 15oz increments in the freezer. No more canned broth for my family - thank you Kittencal!!!

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tobey_day March 05, 2009

Fabulous! I was out of powdered bouillon so I made a TRIPLE batch. I removed 7 quarts and pressure canned them. Then, I took the remaining strained stock and cooked it down until it was a deep, luscious yellow/brown GOOP. I spead it on my Excaliber dehydrator trays, set it to 145 and let it go overnight. By morning, I had homemade, ORGANIC, powdered bouillon to restock my pantry. Talk about delicious and healthy. No MSG, no ingredients I can't pronounce, and everything came from stuff we grew or raised. THANK YOU KINDLY!!!

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PookeyLumLum June 10, 2015

I've tried many stock recipes and this one is by far the best. Do not skip leaving it in the fridge over night! I'm convinced that is one of the reasons why this turns out so good. Thanks, this is now my go to stock recipe!

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Michelle Wetherell January 16, 2015

I made a batch of stock today, and just for the heck of it, I decided to look at how other people made theirs, low and behold, there's Kitten, (who's recipes I always ADORE!) with a stock recipe that is next to exactly like my own! I like to save ends and pieces of veggies and herbs that would normally get thrown away, I just keep them in a plastic bag in the freezer. When I'm through taking the meat off a rotisserie chicken from Costco I throw those bones into the freezer as well. The only thing I do differently from Kitten's recipe is letting it sit in the fridge overnight. Once everything has simmered for five or six hours, I take out the big pieces and pour the rest through cheese cloth. After a day in the fridge I skim off all the fat that rises and thickens on the top, and I have the most wonderful stuff for tons of recipes on earth! This batch had a red pepper that was going a little soft, some parsley, and cilantro, a couple of old leaves of Kale, along with the carrots, onion, and celery. I also like to add hot pepper flakes, oregano, bay, and basil. This is so good!

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Nougat May 10, 2014

Great recipe! I saved onion and garlic skins, the leaves from celery tops and parsley stems for a couple of days beforehand, and added those to the recipe along with the recipe ingredients. I didn't have enough chicken bones and skin saved, so I also put in 4.5 lbs. of chicken necks. I had poached some chicken breasts a couple of days before I made the stock, so I saved the poaching water to use in this recipe. The stock turned out great! I can't wait to use it in my ham and white bean soup and for my Thanksgiving stuffing. Another great recipe, KC.

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Loves2Cook! November 18, 2013

Don't be a dummy like me and put the crock pot on the stovetop!!! Your crock will explode, as I found out. Boil in a stock pot and trasnfer! I also take the skin off because I think it's gross to handle after it's been boiled. Awesome broth though, best ever :)

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Meg Sweetland Baker February 04, 2013

Easy, economical, and much better than canned.

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mksmith November 08, 2009

I've made this several times and the stock turned out great! However I never bring the water to a full boil because I've read that doing so allows the solids to break down and make your stock cloudy. I also like to add a big bunch of fresh parsley.I like paring this with "Kosher Perfect Matzo Balls"

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madriley61 October 21, 2009

Turned out great. Going to reheat and put into the freezer. I will use for soups and gravies. DH was fishing out the garlic to eat.

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adopt a greyhound October 17, 2009
Kittencal's Best Chicken Stock/Broth (Crock Pot Option)