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Tonight was my 1st roasted chicken...it REALLY turned out just like the photos, and WAS as delicious as the previous ratings here claim! I read many, gleaned some tips and would like to add some of my own because all together, they worked GREAT! <br/>I used room temperature/softened butter and added all the other ingredients (except the whole onion), then whisked it all into a creamy "seasoning paste" which in one step I rubbed inside/outside & under the skin. I stuffed a big onion inside, added about 1 cup water to my favorite oven-safe pan (didn't add a rack, either), baked uncovered at 475 for 15 min, flipped the bird and did 15 more minutes at 475, then reduced the heat to 400 and just cooked it till the meat temp registered 165. I thick cut potatoes and carrots a little late to cook with the bird so while the bird was removed/rested for the 15 minutes, the vegetables were added and roasted at 400 in the same pan along with the drippings. By the time the chicken was ready to serve, so were the vegetables. My son wolfed his down (white meat and all!) while I savored every bite without first adding a mandatory thick layer of BBQ sauce-both unheard of at our house before this recipe! I sure recommend trying it, IT IS absolutely delicious!

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JusDewit January 30, 2014

My family loved it. I put carrots and potatoes in the pan and stuffed the cavity with an onion. Super moist.

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am023 December 18, 2013

This truly deserves 5 stars! I just wish there was more skin on the chicken, it was that good! I roasted the chicken on a bed of new potatoes, onion, carrots, and whole mushrooms and added a little water (next time it will be broth). I'm going to try other herbs as well at some point. I know when Kittencal puts her name on a recipe, it'll be a winner! Well Done!

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KarinaB November 19, 2013

I have a bone to pick with the chef, can't seem to put the darn thing down. As a retired factory worker forced to change directions by injury, I've approached this cooking thing from an experimental direction, as in "gee, that sounds good, let's try it next." Trouble is, whenever "that" is a Kittencal recipe I all too often get "painted into a corner", because it was sooo goood! last time, why try something new? and frankly I can't argue with the logic there. This is a case in point. I tried this first, as written, on a whole chicken, merely adjusting seasoning to taste, and it was everything all the other, more eloquent 5 star reviewers said. So, I tried it on chicken wings, and I swear it was the best chicken of any kind I've ever fixed. Will be our go to from now on, thanks to the chef, again.

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rodney h. April 23, 2013

Simply divine. My 8-year-old typically doesn't eat meat - the only chicken she'll touch is chicken nuggets or Buffalo Wild Wings. But she simply devoured this and was disappointed when all the dark meat was gone! This is seriously unheard of, so I'm extremely impressed. I did alter the seasonings a bit (using olive oil, regular salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme). Also, I roasted it for 15 minutes at 450 with the breast side down (makes the white meat more juicy and flavorful), flipped it over, did another 15 minutes at 450, and then dropped it to 400 until done. Perfect!

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ItalianMama October 06, 2012

Can't I give this a "10"???? OMG- I have NEVER had white meat SO juicy and tender! My husband was floored and said that he thinks that this was the BEST chicken he has had in his LIFE (and that's saying a lot!) Kittencal, you've done it again...I'm a committed fan! If you wrote a cookbook, I'd buy it- that's a fact!

Recipe notes- I did have a difficult time covering the skin with the butter mixture and then rubbing the spice mixture on top. I pulled back the skin to put some of the butter mix on it and the spice mix as well. The skin tore a bit, so I wove it back together with a toothpick. I also used the lemon I had cut in half for the lemon inside which worked just fine and I didn't waste anything. After tying the legs together, I wove the open skin together with another toothpick vertically and pulled the tail up to seal the inside closed.

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Susie R. October 18, 2010

Talk about tender and juicy....we all loved this recipe. I did not have a whole lemon so I made sure I poured some of the juice inside the cavity of the chicken. I will however work the seasonings and lemon mixture under the skin a bit so that flavoring gets all the way through the meat. Thanks!

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Chef_Beauchamp July 28, 2010

Excellent recipe!!! So easy and so tasty. I doulbled the cayenne and lemon juice and garlic and had a 4 lb turkey and it was done in about an hour!!!! Husband loved it - thank you!!!

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Le Poonce April 25, 2010

Dear Kittencal, I know you don't need another review but you are getting it anyway! This is truly the best whole roasted chicken I have ever made, as good as the Rotisserie Chicken at Publix. Crispy skin and moist meat = delicious! I put 2 half lemons, some rosemary and plenty of salt and garlic in the cavity, the chicken tasted faintly of lemon and garlic but not overpowering. This will be my only blasted whole chicken going forward! Thank you!

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gemini08 February 11, 2013

Absolutely WONDERFUL! This recipe is easy and produces delicious results! I roasted 2 chickens (4 lbs each) - I figured if I was going to take the time to prep and roast one, I might as well do two! It's just so inexpensive and TASTY! We had another couple over for dinner and I was so impressed with how beautifully this chicken turned out! It looked so impressive (not really anything I did! This was my first roasted chicken - I was SHOCKED!) The subtle lemon flavor is excellent and the meat is unbelievably moist and tender! I love that I can cook once and have chicken ready for dinners for the rest of the week!!!! Here's how I used the rest of the chicken: Night #2 - enchiladas. Night #3 - chicken noodle soup (broth made from chicken carcasses). Night #4 - chicken potpie. Thanks so much, Kittenkal! This recipe will be used at our house again and again!

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AnnieLynne January 15, 2010
Kittencal's Best Blasted Rapid-Roast Whole Chicken