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This is a great use for leftover beef. I didn't have tomatoe paste, so used 2T ketchup instead. I also used stock + worcestershire. It was very good!

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mle234 January 18, 2010

Sorry to be the loner here, but ours was waaaay too peppery. I questioned the teaspoon of red pepper flakes and should have gone with my gut and backed way off for our tastes. The method and ingredients were otherwise great and I would be willing to try again, but without the pepper.

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Mickey in MN October 23, 2014

Hubby made this, and gave it a rare 5 star rating. We used consumme, fresh beef and omitted the butter (the juices from the beef were sufficient and added deeper flavor). We took this to a Christmas pie party and there were no leftovers!

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Mgnbos April 07, 2012

This was a great way to use up some left over BBQ steak that my husband made. I liked the flavours while i was cooking it but the overall finished product was just ok. It wasnt bad and i may make it again but i didnt love it.

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greeneyedchicken March 19, 2010

Delicious and, as at least one other reviewer has noted already, adaptable recipe. I made this using the pastry from Tender Beef Pot Pie W/Thyme and Pepper Pastry. For the veggies, I subbed 2 medium sweet potatoes for the potatoes and carrots, a red bell pepper for one of the onions and one of the celery ribs, omitted the mushrooms and added half of a small head of cabbage. I then prepared pretty much as directed, sauteeing the cabbage separately for about five minutes before adding it along with the garlic in step five.

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Chef Jean Louise February 04, 2010

I made this to use some leftover Deer Roast Marinade. I used beef broth/worcestershire and cooked 2 fresh potatoes to combine with the leftover potatoes from the roast. I was even able to use some leftover pie crust! I omitted the thyme because my husband doesn't like it, but there was still plenty of flavor. I used two cans of mushrooms - each was 4 oz. drained weight. I think I might freeze the rest of my leftover meat and make this pot pie again in a couple of weeks. I'll just have to make a pie crust next time.

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evewitch December 06, 2009

Wow! I saw Kittencal's name in the title and didn't even bother with reading the reviews, I knew it would be ausome. I was right. I used this recipe for some leftover venison tenderloin that I had made. I did not have any leftover gravy, but I had bought some canned beef gravy and used it. The boughten gravy was a little bland so I used the worshteshire too. After 5 min of simmering I tasted it and HOLY CRAP, it almost got eaten right then and there. It was so good!!!! I had a really hard time waiting the rest of the 15 min before I put it in the oven. I used home canned carrots and potatos with the filling. The only change I made was to use mashed potatos instead of a pie crust. This probably actually makes this a cottage pie instead of a pot pie, but I had left over mashed potatos and didn't want to waste them. This is so good and I will use it for all my left over beef and venison from now on. Thanks so much again Kittencal!!!!

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Missouri Mom November 28, 2009

This should have WAY more ratings! It's fantastic! Thanks so much for an excellent recipe! Added some sauteed peppers, a can of green beans and minced garlic, it was love at first try! The family gave it high reviews as well!

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TSwearingen November 12, 2009

Excellent and adaptable recipe! I made this without onion, since I'm out, but added garlic. I also subbed canned carrots, and added corn. No mushrooms since DH is picky. (This is the adaptable part.) The directions were fantastic and right on. The only change I would have made would have been to boil the potatoes while the rest of the mix was simmering. This was awesome, and I will definitely make it again. Thank you for posting!

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Amanda Beth September 06, 2009

Divine, delish, delectable! Excellent recipe! So flavourful, Kittencal. I already had the leftover roast and gravy in the freezer. It's wet, windy and cold downunder just now and meat pies are a real aussie staple, so I turned to the zaar for inspiration and was not disappointed. The only change I made was to add 2 cups diced parsnip-- they hold their shape so nicely, and one cup frozen peas to round out the daily veg quota. Also used fresh mushrooms. The recipe made 3 12"sq pies, one to eat and 2 to freeze for later. I used frozen shortcrust pastry, top only (I was always told that's why they call it pot pie...). Thanks for another great recipe-- one to make often. Much appreciated!

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taxingwoman June 30, 2009
Kittencal's Beef Pot Pie