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Kittencal has NEVER let me down, and this is no exception. My hunny mentioned while eating at Baker's Square that coconut cream was his fave, but he was a tough critic and his slice was under par. Valentines day comes along, and I try Kitten's recipe of course. Let me tell you, he was floored, raving with praise for this pie. It was the best of the best, ever. Need I say more? Oh, I followed the recipe to a T. Right down to the coconut extract.

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Bread & Butter February 23, 2010

Loved it and so did my guests. People were fighting over this pie. I followed the recipe except I whipped up 2 cups of cream instead of 1 and put half a cup of cream in the pie and piled the rest of the cream on top. I used stablizer so the cream stayed intact. Bakery quality? I would say better don't sell yourself short Kittencal.

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bitch'n kitchen July 12, 2011

A friend of mine bought a coconut on a random whim from an exotic food store and after finally peeling away the husk and cracking it open, we drained the milk and started thinking up what we should make with it. We came across this pie recipe and decided it was a fantastic idea. We forgot to buy coconut extract and when we got home we realized there was very little vanilla extract in the bottle, only a couple of drops. We substituted with a maple extract that we found in the back of the cabinet and added a couple dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg as well as the coconut meat we peeled ourselves and some sweetened coconut shreds mixed with it. The pie came out interesting but absolutely delicious! My friend's mom was so tempted to eat the pie mix when we let her taste it before it even made it into the pie crust!

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deedeemcgee September 06, 2011

I can't really rate it on taste because I didn't eat any of it. But, I found it simple to make and it looked really good when it was completed. My husband loved it though. His words were "it's awesome"

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RachelB-KY April 18, 2011

I'm never going to buy a coconut cream pie from the bakery again! This is so delicious, I couldn't believe that I made it! I used So Delicious Coconut Milk for the coconut milk, and half-and-half for the table cream. I accidentally goofed on the whipped cream and added 1/2 cup of sugar instead of 1/4 cup of sugar, but it still turned out great! Kittencal delivers AGAIN!!! Thank you so much for this awesome recipe!

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Pale Rose February 15, 2011

This was an awesome pie. I will make it again. Followed the recipe exactly. Icluding the coconut extract.

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JJarmer April 30, 2010

This pie was the absolute BOMB! I'm not really a pie person, but I made the pina colada version for my family the other night, and it was the best pie I've ever had. Even my Dad, who's a pie guy, said it was the best he ever had. KittenCal always has the best recipes! Thank you so much!

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Brittany K. March 09, 2010

HELP...not really sure if I made a mistake with this one...followed the recipe exactly...when I reached the direction of putting the custard back on the stove, I was stirring constantly with a medium flame and even timed myself as the directions call for ten minutes...after 3 minutes the custard started to sieze up and resembled tapioca or rice pudding consistency so being this was my second try at it (threw the first batch out) I removed it from the heat hoping it would set up firm...no such luck...goopy and runny...but the flavor was amazing...should I have cooked it for the whole ten minutes...I was afraid it would be ruined...would like to try this recipe again...served it to family and friends and they ate it as it was...I would just like to get the consistency right...anyone else experience this????

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Christine G. August 29, 2009

Another wonderful recipe from a fabulous cook! I have made this several times in the last year I just keep forgetting to go back and review it. I followed the recipe for the coconut cream exactly (including the coconut extract) and have had great results. I served mine in parfait glasses with toasted coconut, however it has always been firm enough to make a pie that would hold its shape after cutting.

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Gunnerbun July 19, 2009

I'm sure it is entirely my fault that this recipe didn't work, but it turned out to be a sloppy, goopy mess! I also thought the addition of the coconut extract gave it a really artificial flavour.

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whoopi_ December 07, 2008
Kittencal's Bakery Coconut Cream Pie