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Fabulous! After we are done with meal that includes a new recipe, I always ask my DH "is this OK to make for company?" He gave this recipe 10 stars. We LOVED this and it is SO easy. Thank you Kitten.......again. Oh, for anyone who might be interested in this idea, I started "making" my own breadcrumbs a few years ago by grounding up pork or chicken Stove Top Stuffing Mix in the food processor. It is MUCH more flavorful, I find, than those regular dry breadcrumbs. BUT, whatever you use, you will LOVE this shrimp!

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Big D Texas July 11, 2010

Kitten, I just came back from vacation and am low on fresh foods. I had some frozen shrimp and a lemon. This was amazing! It was so easy to make and I had everything. I did a search in your recipes for shrimp dishes and this one popped out! Thank you again for a tasty wonderful dish. The only thing I did differently was to add more garlic. We love garlic! 10 STARS!!

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JOY1998 May 19, 2009

Sorry, but I wasn't thrilled with these. The butter congealed during the 20 minute wait time, and I had to reheat it to get the breading to stick, which caused the shrimp to start cooking before they went into the oven. The breading was way too much for the amount of shrimp - I ended up dumping a lot down the disposal. I expected the breading to "crisp up" in the oven, which it did on the bottoms of each shrimp but never on the tops. Maybe flipping them after 5 minutes would have evenly browned them.

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agileangus December 13, 2011

Very, very good but to the less expert cooks like myself... the thing I messed up was that my shrimp was too cold when I started. The butter garlic mix congealed and solidified well before the recommended 20 minutes was up, and too fast for me to do anything about it. This resulted in the breading not adhering to the shrimp as well as I would think it should have. So, I think I'd recommend starting with the shrimp at or close to room temperature before mixing it with the butter/garlic (I assume you don't want the butter too hot so it doesn't start to cook the shrimp). But even with my little snafu it still turned out pretty tasty and I'm definitely going to make this again.

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akodat November 19, 2010

Five stars! These were incredable! I forgot to let them sit for the 20 minutes that you suggest and they still turned out great! I made a double batch (buy one get one on shrimp) and froze these, breading and all. I thawed them overnight in the fridge and prepared as directed. Awesome!! Thanks Kittencal!

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SecretIngredients June 04, 2008

Excellent recipe Kittencal! I didn't add in the heat but made as recipe states otherwise. Thank you.

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wendyt57 February 04, 2008
Kittencal's Baked Jumbo Lemon-Garlic Parmesan Shrimp