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Kittencal, surely you don't need another 5-star review?? (LOL!!) These are great: real genuine biscotti. I took your words to heart: to measure accurately. I did not have a 3/4 cup of unblanched almonds, and decided to make up the shortfall with pistachios, which worked just fine. I did not have any orange, so used lemon rind and some orange extract. Like one of the reviewers, I also found the batter very sticky and quite hard to handle, but managed with more flour on the wooden board, when preparing the batter for the oven. I'd like to add the warning that this recipe is perhaps not for novice bakers. I used a sharp serrated knife for the cutting of the baked biscotti -- do not use an ordinary carving or paring knife, no matter how sharp! I'd also like to warn bakers with convection ovens that I found 170 deg C (about 338 deg F?) to be the right heat, and for the final baking I turned my oven to 160 deg C, which is 325 deg F. If I'd used 350/180 the biscotti could have burnt. (Mind: this is just for fan ovens, which tend to bake very fast). A GREAT biscotti, Kittencal! I'm definitely going to bake another batch. And by the way, I also got 24 cookies -- you were spot on. Thanks!!!

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Zurie November 17, 2007

I am so thrilled with the taste of this biscotti! I got into a baking frenzy last year during Christmas and decided to try for the first time ever making biscotti. I used this recipe and I was so happy with it!

I was reading other reviews and a few things I think might help people who have problems with sticky dough:

Watch the humidity and warmth in your working space. A few times I cooked this recipe while I was cooking something else or washing dishes (once with the dish washer and once by hand). The dough turned out sticky and I had wondered what I did wrong since I did everything exactly the same and all the other times I made the dough it was perfect. After a few times of going through this I figured out that even the slightest temperature and humidity difference in the room had an effect. I kept aware of this and I haven't had a single batch of sticky dough since.

If the dough turns out sticky for you, the first thing to do is chill it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or so to make it workable. Any time you're working with it and it starts getting sticky again, just put back in the refridgerator and chill it. After that, try opening a window and turning on a fan to cool and dry out your space and see if that helps. You Can add more flour to the recipe as some folks did (which will cut down the taste a little and make your cookies more crunchy) but it shouldn't be necessary. First just try chilling the dough and cooling down and airing out/drying out your working space to see if it has an effect. Good luck!

KittenCal, this is a great recipe. Thanks so much for sharing!

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eireanninion8 December 13, 2010

These are so tasty! I had only one problem with the recipe... I followed the measurements precisely, but in the end needed approx. 1/2 cup more flour than the recipe called for. Without this my dough was so goopy it wouldn't even hold a shape (so making logs was impossible). Anyway, I used a standard all-purpose flour and that's how it turned out for me. Don't be afraid of more flour! Mine turned out great... not too dry or anything like that. And SO SO tasty!

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Colorado Mel March 22, 2009

Easy. I used 1 cup of sugar. The dough was sticky but I've been told that's how biscotti is supposed to be. No problem forming logs. The logs did stick to my cookie sheet a little. Maybe I should use parchment paper next time. When cutting the logs, i found a slow sawing motion with a bread knife kept the pieces whole.

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teachingchef December 21, 2011

yum I've made it twice now and have changed added ingredients, dried cherries, cranberries, lemon rind, coconut... whatever I have on hand.

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cooper1224 September 20, 2010

On my 2nd batch right now.. I had lost my original recipe that I have made for years... found this one and it's the best ever ! You can never go wrong with Kittencal ! You are awesome ! Thanks for a great recipe once again !

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BarnyardBarbie December 20, 2009

This was great. I really enjoyed it. The dough was hard to work with but that was to be expected. It has a great smell and a great flavor. I can't wait to have a piece in the morning with my coffee.

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BakingGuru July 14, 2009

Another great recipe from Kittencal!!!!!! This was so good and easy that my husband was not home when I baked them so when he got home he had one and asked where I got them from, I told him I baked them and he didn't believe me!!! I had to show him the dirty bowls!!! I didn't have any oranges so I substituted with 1/4 tsp of orange extract and I used chopped almonds instead. Since I had tried biscotti before I knew they're messy so I was prepared this time and used a sheet a waxed paper with some flour and floured my hands to handle them. Thanks so much!!!!

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jesrod March 02, 2009

I made this on the weekend and it turned out ok but I don't think you need to cook them for so long as mine turned out too brown. My Dad who is Italian said they were nice but too crunchy - he said biscotti is supposed to be a little softer.

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ozzygirl December 14, 2008

I'm giving this 4 stars because I didn't really like it- but everyone else did. I made this for my mom's christmas brunch and needed a recipe that didn't use oil because I was out. I colored the biscotti red and dipped in green white chocolate. They looked pretty and tasted okay, but everyone else was impressed and took it home. It's the first KC recipe I haven't loved, but since everyone else did, maybe it was just me. I found the dough kinda annoying- it took another cup or so of flour to smooth it out. But thanks for the recipe, even if I didn't like it, everyone else at the brunch did! :)

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MrsBritt December 13, 2008
Kittencal's Almond Biscotti