Kitchen Sink Soup

Recipe by Jenny Sanders

Everything in it but the kitchen sink; a stick-to-your-ribs winter soup. One of our favourites when the wind starts a-blowin' and the grey skies start a-snowin'. Don't be tempted to use onions instead of leeks now. The leeks are required. Like all pea soups, better the next day.

Top Review by moxie

Delicious soup, and the perfect way to start getting back into healthy eating after Christmas! I discovered at the last minute that I was out of cabbage, so I used double the carrots and celery, and I also used chicken stock for half the water. This soup really has a wonderful flavor, and I am so glad you posted it!

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  1. Wash and pick over the peas and lentils and cook them in 8 cups of water with the bay leaves until the peas are mushy and the lentils are cooked.
  2. Meanwhile, trim, chop, and wash the leeks.
  3. Peel and grate the carrot.
  4. Saute them until soft in 1 tbsp of the oil, and add them to the soup.
  5. Chop the celery and the cabbage.
  6. Saute them together in the remaining vegetable oil until limp.
  7. Add them to the soup with the tomatos and add salt to taste.
  8. Simmer to blend.
  9. Heat up and serve the next day.

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