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I gave this 3 stars. I liked it and the look was very good. I was disappointed that my hershey kiss did not melt and kept it's shape. I thought it would have melted and stayed melted. My future hubby suggested I try wrapping some dough around peanut butter. I think maybe I'd like to try a reese cup. Next time I make this I'm going to use a different dough as I would like to see the cookie softer. I'm using Cherry Snowballs #161704 . It makes a soft buttery dough. Thanks for posting a good recipe. Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut December 25, 2006

LOVED THESE COOKIES! I'm not a big nut fan and I'm never really sure who is going to eat cookies when I bring Christmas trays out and about. One person commented that they were delicious without the nuts but I wanted to preserve the texture so I subsituted a cup of graham cracker crumbs and added an extra 1/2 cup butter to compensate for the absorbancy of the crumbs. But these were just to die for. I doubled the recipe in order to have enough for my Christmas trays and still have some leftover for my family to eat but they were gone within a couple of hours of everyone sneaking. I will definetly be making more. These are my new FAVORITE cookies! Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!

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ktenille December 01, 2006

definitely lessen the flour. nuts are so expensive that my husband and i left them out. rich and tasty!

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teriw December 08, 2005

Try changing the recipe to 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour instead of 2 cups and using 1 cup of nuts instead of 1 1/2 cups for a cookie that isn't so dry. They are really good cookies, in my opinion.

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kvlong November 12, 2005

these were the first cookies I've ever baked and they turned out GREAT! the cookies, as it turns out, are a personal favorite. but I belive all the cookies I baked will go to waist... the one my belt wraps around! thanks!

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voodooinc February 22, 2005

I received this recipe as part of a bake exchange~they were brought by Melanie in Winnipeg. I found these cookies to be a little dry, but they would be great dunked in milk. The icing sugar seems to soak up into the cookie so I rerolled them in the powdered sugar just before serving. The kiss was a really great surprise inside the cookie.

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* Pamela * December 15, 2004

These were very tasty. I did find them dry as well but they had great flavor. I also found that the icing sugar became very sticky because I rolled them in the sugar when they were still a little bit warm as the instructions said. I thought that it almost made them seem glazed, which was ok. thank you Susie for a yummy recipe.

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Winnipeg *Mel* December 13, 2004

These are a good cookie. They are pretty dry, but I like having milk with my cookies anyway. Some notes: 1) I followed the dough recipe precisely. You're right, it's a VERY thick dough. I'm glad I had my mixer to help me out. 2) I used three different kinds of Hershey's kiss: caramel filled, almond, and mint. Never, I repeat NEVER use caramel filled kisses. The caramel boils and makes a mess. I make 30 of them, and only 14 were salvagable. My mistake. For doing almond and mint, I would add a little of the extract to a portion of the dough (not much, mind you. maybe 1/4-1/2 teaspoon) to add more of a flavor variation. The mint and almond kisses turned out great. 3) I didn't roll them in powdered sugar, but sprinkled them with colored candy topping to keep track of the different flavors inside. This helps a tiny bit with the dryness. Another variation would be to roll in cocoa powder. 4) I loved that this dough didn't have any eggs in it. I felt a lot safer going from rolling, to washing my hands, to dealing with batches going in and coming out, and going back to rolling again. It was also fun to offer my kids tiny portions of the dough without worry. I think it also makes for a more hygenic cooking area. You never know where little hands go once they sneak from the dough bowl. 5) It was kind of time consuming to learn how to roll the cookies, but I came up with my own little system that sped things up: use a tablespoon to scoop out a portion. Roll that portion lightly then flatten all in one movement. Place the kiss flat side into the dough and fold the dough up around the point. Roll the cookie between hands and make sure to feel that the point isn't sticking out anywhere. It gets fast once you get it down. 6) These cookies don't spread much at all. I was able to get about 20 cookies onto one cookie sheet without any of them touching by the time baking was over. I got 95 cookies out of a double batch, with about 2 cookies worth of dough left over. I'm sure that many of the cookies could have used less dough. Thanks for the good recipe!

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Annie H December 09, 2004
Kissin' Cousins