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We LOVED this. I made this Thursday night for Friday's dinner. I think this was key since when I took a taste Tursday it was good but lacked the wow factor JanS was talking about. However, after sitting in the fridge all night and day the dish really came together. I didn't use the sour cream as we cant get the fake stuff around here and this was for Shabbat dinner (no mixing dairy with meat) but my fiance (not a Jew) liked the addition of the sour cream on the noodles (made egg noodles as a side) but said he didn't think it was needed in the chicken. So next time I will just put the sour cream on the table again and let everyine do their own thing. I also made the whole thing on top of the stove since I had a Challah baking in the oven. I followed the steps exactly except I brought it to a boil when I added the sherry and down to a simmer and then covered and let it cook for about an hour. Friday after work I simply warmed it in the pot. You know its good when the first word out of Mike's mouth is "mmmm". Thank you, this will become a traditional Shabbat dish for us from now on. I look forward to passing this recipe to my grandchildren (in about 40 years when I have some lol)

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Ilysse January 10, 2005

This was good, but just lacked the wow factor to make it a five star recipe. I don't quite know what was lacking, but maybe some stock powder for starters, then I'm not sure what else. The chicken was melt in your mouth tender. I had to sub real sour cream for the substitute mentioned.

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JustJanS August 10, 2004
Kirk Douglas' Chicken in Dill Sauce