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This is soooo good! I will say that the dough is very hard to work with and that I normally have to add more flour at the end than the recipe states. Also, I agree that it isn't quite the same sweetness as the store kind but after adding about 2-3tbsp of honey to the dough, it was spot on. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

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Cilusmc May 02, 2010

This recipe is accessible and yields soft, slightly sweet rolls and loaves. For those who had difficulty with dense dough that did not proof, I had to adapt the recipe to hand mixed conditions because I do not have a stand mixer with a dough hook. Every recipe that advises adding yeast directly to the dry ingredients without pitching it in either water or juice has never worked for me. So conserve 1 cup of the pineapple juice (at room temperature) add 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp honey, sprinkle the yeast over the fluid (Approximately 1.5 tbsp for this recipe) and allow it 10-15 minutes to bloom in a warm environment. Meanwhile flour with the wet mixture that has used only 1 cup of pineapple juice and then mix in the yeast once it blooms (a frothy brown foam should be visible on the top). Extra flour might be necessary, though I never had any issues with the dough being sticky or difficult to work with.

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Michael B. November 02, 2014

This is THE BEST bread recipe I've even tried!!! SO SO SO AMAZING! We LOVE KHB anyway but I really wanted to try and make it myself and this recipe KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!
I did as another reviewer said: added about 2 T of honey to the dough and about 3/4 c extra of flour. I did the entire thing in my stand mixer-started with the paddle attachment then moved to the dough one when it started to get more thick-never higher than level 2. I mixed it for a llooonnnngggg time-probably about 15 mins. Then I put it in a slightly warmed oven and THREE HOURS later, it hadn't risen. I went to bed. Woke up this morning to wonderfully light and airy dough. I added the extra 1/2 c flour and kneeded about 10 times, shaped it, let it sit out for 2 hours then baked. Then proceeded to devour 1/2 a loaf before thinking twice!!
So completely easy!
So completely yummy!!!
Can't wait to give as pressies!!!
Thank You!

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HomeBizWins February 28, 2013

Wow. Seriously, WOW! These are amazing. I scaled it back to make two loaves, which fit just right into my bread machine. (I always use the dough cycle when making bread because I don't believe in kneading by hand.) No need to add the extra flour. Made these into buns and a loaf and they turned out great!

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messy_chef December 12, 2011

this is the same recipe as Challah (the traditional Jewish braided bread) only with pineapple juice and ginger! The other difference is Challah uses all honey and no sugar. So I want to pass along to all that you can make this dough, let it rise for two hours at room temp, then put the dough in a big tub (don't seal tight) and put it in the fridge for up to a week.<br/>It's Much easier to handle when cold and you can simply pull of the amount of dough you'll need and leave the rest in the fridge. I've been doing this method for years and it works for this delicious recipe too. FYI a pound of dough (the size of a grape fruit) will make a standard loaf.<br/>You let the dough rest and rise for 90 minutes, but it depends on how cold your fridge is.<br/>Oh, I also make this with NO KNEADING and in a KA. Mix all the wets and the yeast, dump the flour on top and with the paddle mix just until all the flour is incorporated, about 30 to 60 seconds. Then do the two hour rise and so forth. Honestly, I've been making this kind of dough for many years and this works perfectly and is Much easier.

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Tanya Gearhart October 19, 2014

I will start by saying the loaves turned out great. they had the elasticity, body and flavor of the real thing. It took me a little tinkering to get there tho. first off, i didn't have enough juice, so i made up the difference with corn syrup and water. i took the advise of reviewer below and added 2 tsp of salt. i used my kitchenaid and the dough hook and followed the instructions exactly. I ended up using about 7.5-8 cups of flours and about 20 mins of kneading on 3 to get the dough into (what-i-thought-was) the perfect consistency. i used an 8" pie tin for loaf 1, 10" square cake pan for loaf 2 and divided loaf 3 into 12 muffins. All 3 came out with good color and crust. Had to have some, or lots, right then. Sliced and toasted them this morning with grape jam and the peeps LOVED them!
For my next try, i will put more butter and less flour, by 1/2 cup, maybe. And egg wash on top for the 'peelable' top crust.
THANK YOU, Redneck Epicurean!

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LoveMyPeeps October 12, 2010

For me it was not quite sweet enough so i tweaked it until i came up with this solution, The second time i tried the recipe as is, it took a long time to rise so now i proof my yeast in 1/2 cup of warm water with one tablespoon of dissolved sugar. Also the yeast that i use is active dry yeast not fast acting yeast which made quite a difference with rising time for the second rise.Also make sure your pineapple juice is room temperature. I freeze my pineapple juice in ziplock bags and defrost overnight and them put the bag in hot water to warm the juice just so slightly. Now for the recipe, I decreased the pineapple juice to 1 1/2 cups and increased the sugar to 1 cup. Everything else stayed the same. Also i added 1/2 teaspoon of salt, it just brought all the flavors together nicely. Besides the 6 cups of flour i used an additional 1/2 to 1 cups of extra flour depending on the weather. Just use your judgement on this because the batter is quiet sticky. I decrease the oven to 300 instead of the 350 because it seems to burn faster on the top and after the top is brown i put a piece of foil paper on top until the bread is done. My children love it. I make hotdog and hamburger rolls with this recipe. I brought the king/s hawaiian hamburger and hotdog rolls from the store and they all liked mine better.

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jahdae January 15, 2015

This may be a very good recipe, but it's not a copycat of King's Hawaiian's Bread. King's doesn't contain pineapple juice or ginger.

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JeepMamma4 February 05, 2014

I thought this was WONDERFUL!! I suggest to those that had problems with dry and crumbley to not add so much flour AT one time, AFTER it starts to come together. Keep in mind the sugar will also make it a bit tacky. I used enough flour (still within the recipe) to be able to knead and handle the dough quickly. I used bread flour and was concerned that it might be to heavy, but it worked out great! It was light, moist and airy. I will make this again. It does need a little more sugar. I did brush milk on top after it came out of the oven to make a soft crust (butter may be used also). THANKS RED! P.S. I don't give out 5 stars that easily.

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justa_lilbit December 20, 2010

I made this recipe (as written - except that before the second rising I shaped the dough into 28 rolls) for a luau-themed party, and it won the Hawaiian food contest! The rolls were really delicious and the entire house smelled AMAZING for a whole day. Other commenters noted that the dough was hard to work with, and I agree it was very sticky. I just used a LOT of flour on my hands and on the counter when shaping the dough. I didn't add any extra flour because I was afraid of messing up the texture.

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Heather T. August 07, 2015
King's Hawaiian Bread (Copycat)