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This is a terrific cookie! I love to bake and decided to order what I needed from the King Arthur website. I ordered the coconut milk powder, coconut flavoring, raw coconut, and the bittersweet chocolate chips. It was totally worth it! The cookie has a nice coconut flavor and is chewy if cooked as directed. I followed the lightly brown around the edges part of the directions as my oven always takes longer to bake, 13 min. for me. I also let the cookies rest for 5 minutes on the sheet before removing them. I am not good at waiting for things to cool so the first one I tried was still very warm, they tasted better cool . I will definitely be making these again. One last note, raw coconut does not have the best flavor eaten on its own but was fantastic in the cookie.

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Gunnerbun June 27, 2010
King Arthur Chewy Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies