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I've been making these for a while and DH loves them. It's all that he wants to eat for breakfast and he isn't even that crazy about chocolate. This can be made gluten free by subbing rice flour for the self-rising flour and increasing the baking powder to one half tablespoon. Also, subbing half diabetic syrup and half honey for the agave gives the flavor more depth. May 19, 2011: NOTE: For a vanilla cake (as this is a cake-like recipe when using self-rising flour): Sub 1 1/2c cooked & drained cannellini beans for the black beans, sub 1/4 c malt powder for the cocoa powder and skip the chocolate chips. Unless they have mini white chips, forget it as the regular ones aren't so good in this. You may add 1/4 finely chopped coconut to the white cake. This makes a mean bean cake! :)

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dogsandwoods November 11, 2011

Loved these! I stopped eating sugar and made these for my birthday...they were fabulous! I have very picky eaters in my house (9, 6, and 3 year olds!) and they couldn't get enough of them. I know that the chocolate was a "cheat" for me, but it was my birthday! I put whipped cream made with agave, but I think the brownies were good on their own! Thanks for sharing!

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steven4 January 26, 2011

These brownies are awesome! No one guessed the "secret ingredient". Agave syrup is a little pricey but worth it.

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Chef MiaKate February 06, 2010

I made this recipe last night, as my diabetic husband likes to have a treat sometimes. I hated it. He doesn't mind it, but I won't make it again. The texture was nasty, and the flavour was...well...there wasn't a lot of flavour, and what there was had the unpleasant aftertaste of black beans....no stars for this one!

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weelittlefroggies January 13, 2010
Kim's Midnight Brownie Recipe As Seen on Dr. Oz