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I love bruschetta and this was no exception. I found it very easy to make -- did the tomato mixture up about an hour ahead of time and then it came together in a few minutes when we were ready to eat. It's very important to deseed the tomatoes, even after doing that I was surprised how liquidy the mixture could be after it sat for a while. But I didn't find it made the bread soggy -- toasting the bread ahead of time certainly helped with keeping it nice and crisp and also, you can just scoop the tomato mixture out and leave most of the juices behind. The only thing I found confusing was how much cheese to use. I wasn't sure if it should be 1/4 cup of each cheese or 1/4 cup total. And how big a baguette? I used a small loaf (demi-baguette size) of ciabattia bread, but if you were using a larger loaf you'd need more of the tomato mixture, I think. Finally, next time I'd add a bit of salt and pepper to the tomatoes. Just that little bit of tweaking would make the recipe perfect!

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Sackville October 27, 2004

Tried it last night and we didn't care for it at all. Sorry! The bread was sogging where the topping was and the flavor was just too strong from the vinegar.

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Casiegrl September 06, 2004
Kim's Bruschetta