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Good recipe. I used a lesser amount of kimchee (homemade, extremely spicy, and very sour at three months old) made from Chinese cabbage, Korean coarse sea salt, daikon, Korean coarse dry red chili flakes, ginger root, fish sauce, scallions and lots of garlic). Instead of pork, I made a broth using about a tablespoon of dry, granular, Korean fish base which is similar to Japanese bonito flakes except much more concentrated. I slowly stewed the kimchee in this broth using twice the amount of garlic called for in the recipe and a small amount of sesame oil, a teaspoon or so of Thai fish sauce, and some shallot when the kimchi was stewed enough. I put two handfuls of Korean rice cakes (a refrigerated rice product cut into coin-shapes available at Korean foodstores) into the rather thin broth and cooked according to package directions. Extremely hot (due to my extra spicy kimchi), sour, wonderful.

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CPT Cas March 16, 2011

I loved this soup! I am Korean, too, so wanted to try another recipe, as we all have different twists on our own home dishes. This one was so good and I am so glad to see that Emily is sharing her recipes for us all! Korean's DON"T use recipes and that can be really hard for us who want to learn how to make excellent, authentic Korean food! Thank you, Emily, and PLEASE keep making recipes! My mother died before I learned all her recipes, so I'll take any help I can get!

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ssan4him June 30, 2009

Hi Emily, this soup is to die for and it is a perfect as is. Wow! my family loves it too. Oh, I have seen this soup mentioned so many times on Korean Dramas and it looked good so I am glad I found the recipe here to try it. It is a keeper. By the way, I want to try your Japanese cheesecake recipe but the ingredients are in oz. Do you happen to have them in U.S measurements like in cups and spoons ? Thanks again.

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YungB December 12, 2008

Really loved this! The only change I made was to use an entire bunch of green onions. Next time I will use more kimchee.

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FLKeysJen September 01, 2013

I can eat this everyday!! Its sooooo good. I cant find a recipe like this anywhere. Its perfect. Thank you soooooo much for sharing this recipe! I also add a a few tablespoons of Korean Dashida (beef flavoring powder)

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pudave August 20, 2013

This is ono (delicious)! I made enough for 8, used ground pork, chicken stock (instead of water), added cubes of eggplant, zuchinni, squash. Here in Hawaii, we eat lots of kimchee and tofu, so i added extra in the soup. I also added some bean thread noodles for my kids. These noodles fatten up in the soup, so cook them separately and add them to your bowl instead of the pot. This is my go-to soup at our local Korean restaurants when Im not feeling well, now I can make it at home. Thank you Emily!!!

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waialealenui July 28, 2013

I just now made an account just to give this amazing recipe another 5 stars. *kisses fingers* mmwah! I went back for fourths.

Tip for those interested in making it: freeze your tofu beforehand then thaw it. It will make the tofu even firmer.

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Veratyr December 07, 2012

This soup is flipping good! It is now my favorite soup. I have made it twice this week. I was a little scared of how hot it was going to be but was pleasantly surprised! Just the right amount of heat. I am vegan but my husband is not ...so I prepared everything vegan and then cooked my husband some shrimp in the sake and added them to his bowl at the end. This was perfect! Fantastic recipe!

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Trivegan January 08, 2011

Excellent!! I loved this soup and will definitely make it all the time now that I am making kimchi at home. I think I ended up tripling or quadrupling (!!) the recipe because I was serving a few people and I wanted leftovers. The only thing I did differently was using half of the red chili flakes and no paste because I didn't have it on hand. I didn't know how hot would be too hot for some people so I thought it would be best to let them make it spicier if they wanted to. It turned out sooo good!! I definitely recommend this soup.

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spookycook December 02, 2010

This is SO This recipe can be easily adjusted to fit your taste. For instance, next time I will ditch the mushrooms, double the tofu and ditch the meat. We try to eat vegetarian but I was afraid the soup would lack in flavor without meat - I don't think that's the case! Careful with the seasoning - you can always add more to your bowl if you like it spicier than the rest of your family. This was super easy and I will make it often. I used bottled kimchi but next time I think I'll try making my own. Very inexpensive recipe that I feel could easily be frozen. I agree that serving this with a side of rice was the perfect way to cool down. Thanks!!

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somebodys_sweet_pea March 14, 2010
Kimchi Jjigae (Korean Kimchi Soup)