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The only change is instead of using chopped tomato I use tomato sauce and chicken broth, I just buy a can of premade enchilada sauce. It saves time, and the flavor is a bit bolder. I also mix some of the sauce in with the chicken, bean, and cheese mixture. I loved the sauce and made it again added a little parmesan cheese and served it to guests as a low fat tomato alfredo sauce. This one is a keeper. Excellent!<br/> Thank You ! Made for Went To The Market tag game - Spring 2013

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CHEF GRPA June 10, 2013

Delicious. My family loved this.<br/><br/>For this recipe I had to prepare some of the basic ingredients first as I don't have some ready ones.<br/><br/>Refried beans: fried 1/2 onion + 2 cloves garlic in olive oil. Added 1 can beans, salt, chili and cumin to taste. Added water, cooked mashed until the desired consistence.<br/><br/>Soft tortillas: Combine 2 cups flour + 2/3 - 3/4 flour. Rest 1/2 hour. Knead until smooth. Divide in 8 portions, form balls and roll out on floured surface. Slightly roast in an old no sticky pan on both sides.<br/><br/>Enchilada sauce: Fried 1 one sliced bell bepper with 1 onion and 1 garlic clove. Added 1 can of tomatoes. Adjusted with salt, pepper, chili, cumin, coriander. Blended and added some water to the desired consistence.<br/><br/>Shredded chicken: Fry chopped onion, add chicken, roast all around 5 minutes, add water, salt, spices. I shredded it with two while it was cooking adding some water from time to time.<br/><br/>I had more than 20 minutes for the preparation, but no matted I knew it and I loved to prepare it. I arranged them in a mold and baked as described. Looks like the italian cannelloni, but it is completely different.<br/><br/>Amazing delicious recipe, really tasty full of flavors!<br/>Thanks a lot for you recipe!

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awalde August 12, 2013

DH loved this dish. So simple with leftover chicken too. Made as directed only adding some minced onion/garlic to the chicken mixture. Served with Tomatoe Rice#483256 and Salsa Picante from Cooking Light Magazine#430190. Thank you for posting the recipe. Made for Fall PAC 2012.

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mama smurf October 15, 2012

These were really yummy! My grandson considers himself an expert on enchiladas and he thought that these were great. Simple to make and very good. Thanks linguinelisa for a nice dinner. Made for Went to the Market Tag.

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lazyme May 11, 2012
Kiki's Chicken and Bean Enchiladas