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This is exactly the recipe that my husbands family makes as a Christmas tradition. As for the comment that it didn't turn out, some years when I do it are better than others. I guess it might be the way I handle them. I suggest to try again. My family loves them.

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strikera September 12, 2008

This recipe is actually that of my Great Aunt Erma's. My dad gave it to me and I was trying to find more information about it online and came upon this website by accident. Aunt Erma was the best cook I ever knew. This recipe is amazing. Hard to make though but well worth it

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rmtoth December 24, 2007

very good recipe... the one in my mom's hungarian cookbook is nearly identical. i did make a few changes though. i skimped on the kneading time ;) and used half butter & half shortening (my preference when making pie crusts). also, i divided the dough into 8 equal balls, wrapped them in plastic, refrigerated. rolled in to 12" circles (like pie-crusts) & stamped 8 four inch circles out of each. easily would have gotten over 80 (got tired & stopped after 5 doezen). oh... my mom's recipe called for a "wash" (1 egg & a tbsp water) over the kifli. i left it out this time b/c... well, the recipe didn't call for it. next time, i will use it. but, don't use too much or your kifli will get stuck to the wax paper, baking sheet, or whatever you use.

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rheather December 25, 2005

I have never eaten kiflies and I wanted to like these but...=( Sorry... Didn't care for the flavor or texture. Time consuming to make these and just didn't have the payoffof. Maybe I need lessons from Jim (see above review) =)

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Aroostook January 13, 2004

I'm sorry for the low rating, but this recipe appears to be off. I have been making cookies for a long time and have never had a problem with any cookie recipe. First, I kneaded the dough as instructed...after about 7-8 minutes, I had a lovely dough that was satiny smooth and elastic. However, I didn't want to cheat on kneading time as stated, so I continued kneading. Well, the lovely dough turned into as ugly blob. There was literally melted butter oozing out of it and the dough was starting to seperate (note: the butter was ice cold when I started). After about 18 minutes, I decided I better stop kneading or it would be completely ruined. My mother, whose own mother made Kifles (but never left the recipe when she passed), told me that the kneading would make the dough tough, but I told her the recipe said not to cheat! I went ahead and followed the rest of the recipe. Second problem: I made the balls only about 1 inch (no larger than a walnut as stated) and got 50, not 85 as listed. Third problem: Made all of that filling and didn't even need half of it! I did use the full tablespoon of filling as stated and it was oozing out all over the place. I am sure this is because the dough was not flaky from so much kneading and could not expand the way it was supposed to...however, I did continue to use the full amount of filling because it was tasty and I felt it would save the cookies. I am very disapointed because these were expensive and time comsuming to make, but all in all, these cookies have tremendous potential. I will try these again but I will do the following: 1) Knead the dough for no more than 7-8 minutes AND 2) Prepare only half of the filling recipe. End result: the dough was VERY tough and not flaky at all but the FILLING was delicious and my mom said it tasted just like her mother's. P.S. In the description for these cookies it says "The trick to making beautiful, tender kieflies is to handle the dough as little, and as gently, as possible." Then in the instructions it says "Knead at least 20 minutes. The longer you work the dough the flakier the finished product will be. Do not cheat on kneading time." I guess this contradiction should have tipped me off, but I so wanted to duplicate a recipe my grandmother used to make. ;) Again, sorry for the low rating, but I had to be honest.

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Karen=^..^= December 29, 2003

I have been making kiflies for 35 years, but my recipe doesn't come close to this one. These are the the best I have ever eaten. Quite a bit of work, but the end justifies the means. Five stars are not enough for this recipe. Jim Barrett

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JimB427 November 20, 2002