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I too grew up on my mom's and grandma's homemade kielke! They were always a favorite and who knew they were so simple to make!?! I thought my mom slaved over these! Thanks for sharing the recipe, now I can make them myself.

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Lori Alcorn May 09, 2003

I was just going to post this recipe and thought I would check and see if it was here already, and to my surprise, it was! My mom grew up eating this and it is a mennonite staple that all my relatives enjoy. My grandma adds cooked cubed potatoes to her kielke before serving. My mom serves hers with an onion gravy (onions fried until golden and then added to cream or evaporated milk, butter and a bit of flour to thicken). I make these just like my mom and I usually serve these with some mennonite farmer sausage as well. In my opinion, this always tastes better the next day when the onion gravy has blended together with the keilke. Thanks for posting this. It was so good to know that someone else enjoys this too!

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* Pamela * April 22, 2003

I love kielke. I made it for my husband for the first time a few years ago, and he's requests it. My recipe got lost in our recent move, and I am very glad I found this one. I make mine slightly differently- I just cut off pieces and put it in boiling water until they float, then I fry bacon and drain it, fry some onions and then put the bacon and kielke in the pan and warm through and we serve it with sour cream. So yummy!

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Tyshero October 12, 2007

Not sure exactly what these are spose to look like but mine looked like paparadelle, long-ish and wide-ish. It doesn't matter, they were very very good. I served them with Beef Slow Oven Cooked in Beer Beef Slow Oven Cooked in Beer and this was a wonderful combination. They were a bit more work than I care for on a Monday night but a great excuse to buy a mixer, fortunately Mike thought so too :-). I have a feeling this will become a winter staple in my house (I eat differently in the summer). Thanks for posting this great recipe.

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Ilysse December 20, 2005

My problem is that I have never had these before and the instructions were kind of vague. That said, they taste quite nice. I used whole wheat pastry flour and skim milk and they were a nice noodle. We eat a lot of spaetzle, and I don't think this will replace that for me. But it was fun to try!

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ladypit November 11, 2004