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These were really good. We made them for a family BBQ and they were a huge hit. I diced up the veggies and let them soak in the marinade for 4 hours before I skewered and grilled them. We also used the marinade to baste them while they cooked on the grill. We made a separate batch of the marinade for chicken and shrimp skewers and they absorbed the flavors wonderfully. The only thing I think I'll do differently next time is that I don't think I will marinate the kielbasa. It gave it kind of a strange taste and it seemed to get mushy. But thank you for posting. This is our new go-to kabob marinade! Also, if you want to sample the marinade before you put it on your veggies, make sure you mix it all and add the oil LAST (after you taste the mixture). I made that mistake with the first batch and got a nice mouthful of canola oil. LOL.

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PSU Lioness June 21, 2011
Kielbasa Chicken Kabobs