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I read all the reviews and figured I have to try this recipe. It was good. A little bland for my taste but after a little tweaking, it was 4 star worthy. The cocoa powder threw me for a loop. It definitely added depth and texture to the taste buds. I added corn to my recipe.

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coljam21 January 12, 2012

I'm so confused. I expected this to be good, but I did not expect it to actually taste like chili. It is amazing. I made a half recipe, just in case I did not like it, but wow, it is good. I will definitely make this again. I used all of the optional ingredients. The only change I made was to add more spices, like cayenne pepper.

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mlethenme October 15, 2011

ALL the optional ingredients work well in this recipe and I recommend all of them. Not being a dogmatic vegan, I used beef bouillon, and I think that only 1 tsp of chili powder is being a bit meek, but both I (vegan) and my wife (non-vegan) think this is a great recipe. It's also great the second day to add almost any left-over veggie or rice thrown in with it for a quick lunch.

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Heavy_light_eater November 23, 2009

Had to give this a try, even just because of the name! Never tried cocoa in chili before, it's realy good! My initial reaction was that the chili was good, but not that different from others I've made. Then I realized I had miscalculated the cocoa - works out to around 2 tbsp. So once I corrected that, it had a much more unique flavour. I used a dried bean mix (pinto/black/kidney/navy), so it's really thick. Wish I had the parsnips on hand, that would be great. Next time! Thanks, I'm going to let this sit overnight and serve it tomorrow. Cheers!

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magpie diner April 17, 2009

In total agreement here, this is one good chili, that is *vegan* and amazing! I didn't have parsnips either, so I just used the rest of the ingredients as directed. I did use the little courgettes, chopped as suggested and this made a nice little snap that I hadn't tried earlier. For mine, I upped the chili powder, and this is outstanding! Thank you, so much for a wonderful treat on this cold winter's night! Made for *I Recommend* Tag Game February 2009.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm February 12, 2009

A very nice chili with lots of veggies. I did leave out the parsnips but otherwise followed directions. I halved the recipe easily. Thanks!

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Sharon123 February 04, 2009

This recipe made it into Book#234320, originally reviewed 10/05/08. This recipe is so good, my meat-lovers can't wait for me to make it again, so I had to revise my rating to 5 stars. The recipe directions could still benefit from clarification: the recipe does not specify what cut is desired for onions, bell peppers, or garlic, or at what temperature the vegetables should be cooked. I cooked this for my lunch this coming week, but this household of manly meat-eaters said "give it 10 stars" for the taste. I used everything listed (including 2 quite large red bell peppers), although I chose 1 jalapeno chile, which turned out fairly mild. Note that courgettes are aka zucchini; I found some beautiful baby zucchini. The cocoa adds a wonderful mellow touch. I did my prep without any appliance, and it took "the slowest chopper in the Western Hemisphere" about 2 hours to prepare the vegetables before cooking. Barbie, please let me know what you use for your prep work. DH may force me to share, so I'll have to prepare something else for my lunches! This was worth the effort, thanks for posting your recipe, it rocks! Made for Fall 2008 Pick-a-Chef.

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KateL January 24, 2009

We just loved this recipe - when the kids knew it contained chocolate they were convinced and asked for seconds lol. Have never used chocolate in a chilli and it gave a wonderful flavour. It is a good dish to 'bulk' out by adding extra veggies or using some that you need to use up. I made mine in the slow cooker and it was delicious and the leftovers were just as amazing. Dont know what the previous reviewer is talking about...?? No instructions on how to chop an onion or what temperature you saute your veg at?? Bizaar! Anyways we LOVED it! Made as written except I put some sweetcorn in too. One of my favorite recipes now. Thanks Pornstarbarbie (luv the name lol) x

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scimietta99 December 13, 2008

LOVED IT! 10 STARS!!! A Wonderful array of veggies and super FUN to make!!! I picked this playing "I Recommend Tag" and the recipe was brought to my attention by KatieL whom I must thank for telling me what courgettes are {{lol}}...This recipe caught my attention because of the clever name and the even more clever inclusions of COCOA &&&& THE PARSNIPS !!! {{YUM}}...I quickly lost interest in converting the recipe to "measurable memorable measurements" and just went at it with gusto :) I just wanted to celebrate the veggies and keep the beans subdued (a departure for us because often our chilli is bean or TVP based with the veggies as a co-star) I made some crazy big batch that included all the suggested veggies extra and then some{{lol}} (+++plus a yellow squash,+++ 3 peppers red, yellow and orange) & a couple of additional spices and seasonings (I just can't help myself when I get lost in the creative moment) ...I grated and rough chopped unsweetened chocolate mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and some dehydrated chili peppers (from my summer garden), mixed in with some molasses and added that with the tomato paste (just smething i wanted to try)...loved the idea of using the bouillon cube that way (not done that before) it really heighten the levels of flavors... I like that the harder veggies kept some crunch- - loved the collection of colors and the layers of sweet, savory and spice...made for a terrifically cozy supper on a cold nite-served over cali-couscous, with crusty homemade bread and a cashew nut cream...delicious THANKS pornstarbarbie!!

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free-free December 12, 2008

I made this tonight and I followed the instructions exactly as written, it was delicious. I would fight you to eat it off your husbands bald head! My husband is a meat eater and he loved it too. Thanxs FT

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berniceg11perlas June 06, 2015
Kickass My Sacred Vegan Chili