Kheema Curry

Total Time
10 mins
25 mins

From our local tv guide and it's feature of 7 Recipes in 7 Days by Margaret Johnson. Times are estimate. It was also suggested you could substitute lamb mince for the beef and that would give you a slightly richer flavour.

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  1. Place the onion, ginger, garlic, chillies and oil into a hot heavy based pan and cook over a moderate heat until the onion is cooked but not coloured.
  2. Turn the heat to high and add the mince and over about 5 minutes break up the clumps and cook until the meat has taken on some colour (You don't want to do this too fast or you will drop the temperature of the pan the meat will stew).
  3. Add the tomato sugo (or chopped tomatoes) and stock and season well.
  4. Drop the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes or until the liquid has reduced to a sauce consistency and then add the peas and cook for 3 minutes longer.
  5. Serve with steamed rice and garnish with coriander sprigs/cilantro sprigs.