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This was wonderful bread. Absolutely loved this and served with a nice green salad. I followed this exactly (all ingredients were as suggested) using cottage cheese, Monterey Jack, and Sharp Cheddar. The only difference was that I forgot to fold the dough around the cheese. I just rolled out like a thick focaccia bread. I placed in the oven for the same length of time and the bread came out like heaven on a cookie sheet. Wonderful wonderful! Either way, this is terrific Annacia! Made for *ZWT4* June 2008.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm June 12, 2008

This was really wonderful cheese bread. We used feta in place of the goat cheese, and the flavor went wonderfully with the sharp cheddar. The presentation was astounding and looks wonderful at the table. We omitted the coriander also. I can see making these into individual beggars purses by rolling the dough thinner. Definitely a keeper. Thanks Annacia.

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2Bleu January 07, 2008

One of my closest friends is from Georgia, I have eaten these made from Georgian restaurants and made my Georgian people, Its an amazing, bread. I have not tried this recipe, but I know that they use farmer cheese more than cottage cheese or goat cheese...Extremely good pastry, can be made into a big loaf, or make individual loafs! Very good! Coriander is not present in the original recipe, but maybe it gives something new? I never tried with coriander...

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EngineerChef December 04, 2006

While this recipe might be delicious, it has nothing to do with Georgian Cheese bread "khachapuri". Coriander or any spice is never used in dough in Georgia, any kind of dough. Also, Monterey jack(we don't have that) I use mixture of feta, mozzarella and ricotta to get the consistency. Many different sides of country khachapuri looks and tastes different, but ingredients almost never change and cheese is never melted om top or bread never looks like a large bun.

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Sophie L. April 07, 2016

Wanted to try after seeing this featured on Socchi tv tour during Olympics. Only theirs had an egg baked on top which I think would be difficult to do. Frankly my dough was not easy to work with and ultimately came out on tough side. Think flour amount might need reducing. Also, wonder about waiting 30 minutes prior to kneading. The coriander is mild. I used cottage cheese and leftover shredded cheeses, seasonings were right on. Thank you for sharing, annacia.

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WiGal March 07, 2014
Khachapuri (Georgian Feast Bread)