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This was awsome! My family says it's better than KFC. Don't change a thing. I tried double dipping it because some of the family like a thicker breading and I also dipped it once. Both were great! I also mixed up alot of the flour/spices and put it in a container as I never know from time to time how much chicken I will be making. This makes it easier when I need just a little more breading but not a full batch. I will keep this as one of my favorite recipes.

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Gabmstr October 22, 2011

Excellent! If you follow the instructions this is easy to make and delish. Everyone ate more than usual, it was that good. Donna

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DonnaColorado Johnson May 17, 2010

This is just great - and so close to the original recipe that I couldn't tell the difference. I made the coating but didn't have any white pepper (I will definitely go get some for next time). My chicken wings had been soaking in buttermilk, and this worked great! The chicken fried up crispy and delicious. I will try the method as writtten for the next round, and there will be a next round. I have missed having KFC breading in our house, and am glad to have it back - I will use this flour when I do fish, or vegies, or any other place that a seasoned flour could be used! Thanks, saves me from deconstructing it - I don't think I could have done as good a job anyways! Very authentic job - well done!

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less2saw February 28, 2010

Oh my goodness! This is perfect! I do remember how Kentucky Fried Chicken tasted, but i think this is even better! We ate every piece, just the two of us. I wish there were ten stars to give.

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MerryKitchenMaid November 23, 2009

Very good! I made a double batch and went ahead and mixed the flour mixture with it. I had 5 chicken legs and it only took 3or4 Tbsp. of the mixture to coat them real good. I did everything exact except I did`nt have mace, I had all the other spices and herbs Although I made my own self rising flour recipe from Zaar, and just used regular flour instead of the Wondra. I`m going to put the rest of the whole flour/spice mixture in a container and put in the freezer, that way I`ll be ready to go, just do the brine and dip the chicken in egg and then the flour/ spice mixture and fry. Again, we loved it and now I have the mixture ready, so, super easy next time I make it! Its going into my Favorites/ make again folder. Thanks so much for posting.

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RECIPE ADDICT October 11, 2009

This was a really good recipe...better than KFC.

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rpitoniak October 05, 2010

This is the best fried chicken I've ever had, next to the one a dear family friend made. You can find the Vanilla bean at Williams-Sonoma

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GingerlyJ November 27, 2009

The thing that took the longest was grinding all the spices, I ground enough for at least 4 batches. My family Loved it!! most of us like crispy so I didn't bag it as in the instructions, however I made way more than we could eat so the leftovers were just like KFC. I will try double dipping a few pieces next time to see if it's more like extra crispy.

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DanOMaui March 13, 2013

When I first read the ingredients, I had my doubts that this was THE 11 secret herbs and spices. Other recipes have included paprika, celery salt, sages, thyme, seasoning salt... you name it. This one seemed more suited to a chicken tikka or something. When I smelled the fennel, I was really expecting to not have any KFC tonight, but still something quite tasty. However, I was completely wrong! Not only is this as savory as the Colonel's, but my DH says it even tastes better! Another reviewer had mentioned it tastes better too, and I absolutely have to agree now. I has the perfect amount of kick to it, and I would never in a million years guessed it was the ingredients you listed. Consider me a believer now. I made an extra batch of the spices for tomorrow morning to have a proper Chicken 'n' Waffles breakfast. Thank you for all of your diligence in deconstructing the mysterious KFC recipe, and for sharing it with us. It's perfect and lacks absolutely nothing. I'm amazed. It really is finger-lickin good. If any other doubters out there are reading this, do give this fantastic recipe a try!

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soulever June 26, 2011

all who will try this recipe will not regret it best damn chicken ever!!! the only way I will fry chicken from now on thanks for sharing this recipe

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Renae L. March 30, 2014
KFC Original Recipe Chicken (Copycat)