Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 2 mins

The mashed potatoes are served and made by mix. It comes in a bag just add water and butter. Many people just come to KFC to get these potatoes and gravy.

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  1. Heat water add butter and margarine till melted.
  2. Add the salt and cook for 2 minutes.
  3. Add the flakes and mix till it looks like regular potatoes.
  4. Add milk to proper consistency.
  5. Serve with gravy.


Most Helpful

This is basically how I fix my instant mashed potatoes except I will not use margarine since it is hydrogenated oil. I use Idahoan Mash Potato Flakes which is the best on the market. So how can you compare those nasty tasting KFC mash potatoes with these? If you ever tried that garbage that KFC puts out you would have never try to pass off good tasting mash potatoes for KFC mash potatoes. Taste like KFC puts canned evaporated milk in theirs and I know a woman who puts this product in hers. Hers taste just as nasty. So if you want mash potatoes that taste like KFC, don't use fresh milk but canned evaporated milk and you will have the awful taste of KFC mash potatoes. Don't get me wrong, I fix a lot of dishes using canned evaporated milk but mash potatoes isn't one of them.

Alice C. September 06, 2015

If you are looking for KFC potatoes , these are not it...sorry to say. My 11 yo loves KFC, and I have tried different variations to replicate KFC. I have to agree with LawyerMom. Needed to add extra milk to get these from being stiff and clumped. Only difference is the copious amount of margerine & butter. I think potatoes may have tasted better with these 2 ingredients added after the formation of the potatoes and not boiled in the water. On continues the KFC potato search!

Kitsmomma September 22, 2008

Consistency and texture was a lot like KFC's, though I had to add a lot of extra milk. However, I think the flavor fell short. I loved how easy the recipe was, but I don't think I'll be making it again.

LawyerMom March 27, 2008

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