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Look no further folks!! This really is exactly the same as KFC's macaroni salad! And it couldn't be any easier. I ended up using 4 cups of dry macaroni, not sure if that equals a pound but that seemed to work well with the amount of sauce, it was perfect! And so addictive, I couldn't stop eating it! I will be making this again and again, thank you so much for sharing this perfect recipe!

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lmbevin September 21, 2013

this is easy and delicious but i did make some changes. i used catelli smart pasta to make it healthier and used more like one cup of supermarket coleslaw dressing, even that seemed like a lot. i added half a diced red pepper, closer to 2 Tbs onion, 3 Tbs dill relish and closer to 1/3 cup celery. even so i think i could have added more veggies without changing the flavor much. will certainly make again but with more onion, celery, red pepper, and maybe some spinach next time. thanks for a tasty dinner idea!

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spiritussancto November 18, 2009
KFC Macaroni Salad