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Made for the Goddesses of ZWT-9 & the Tropical Desserts Challenge to serve at an afternoon coffee for 9, your recipe was an unqualified hit when rated by our guests. As the cook, I had 1 issue. I made the recipe exactly as written, but the cake rose to an unexpected height & overflowed the baking dish in a fairly major way. I policed up the mess, trimmed the excess, cut the cake into individual servings, glazed it & served it w/a fresh mint garnish. Not a soul knew there had been a problem. They loved the cake & the glaze that I made a lime green color w/food coloring. 1 guest even said he felt as if he had had traveled to Jamaica & should be listening to Bob Marley & his reggae music. Thx for sharing this lovely & flavorful recipe w/us.

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twissis August 07, 2013

Photo may be seen here in Savor gallery: www.annacia.com. I love this cake, first the size if perfect, 1 layer is all we need. The cake isn't very sweet tasting, another plus. Doesn't take very long to do in the stand mixer. That said, I trimmed the sugar by using Splenda with no ill efects to the cake. It made a beautiful, well risen, cake with an inside that is light and fluffy in texture. I should mention that I used vanilla almond milk in the cake and glaze and I think that it added a nice element to the overall flavor.

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Annacia May 19, 2013

Full of zing !! Easy to make and very enjoyable. I did not glaze but used a vanilla frosting. Made for ZWT 9.

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katew August 02, 2013

This is a great tasting cake, it would be perfect for a brunch or special meal like Mother's Day or Easter. The combination of toasted coconut and lime is wonderful.

In the process of making the cake I learned how to sweeten unsweetened coconut (which is what I had on hand). I added 4 T Splenda sugar substitute to the C of coconut along with 3 T of hot water. Once this sets for 15 minutes you are good to go (and with no loss of sweetness and many fewer calories)!

I also used sugar substitute in the recipe and since I only had non-fat milk, that's what I used. Finally, I used Egg Beaters instead of the two whole eggs and as always with my baking, I didn't miss the calories and the flavor was still amazing!

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CaliforniaJan May 07, 2012
Key Lime Coconut Cake