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We enjoyed this as our main meal tonight. There is only two of us so I used half the meat but kept all the other ingredients the same and that actually worked out good for us. I appreciated that this was a mellow tasting sweet and sour. Sometimes I can find sweet and sour recipes a bit too sharp in their sweetness and particularly in the pineapple to the point where I pick it out. However, this time I thought the pineapple was the star of this dish. I am sure that comes from the slow cooking. I did find some of the instructions a bit confusing which I think comes from the ingredients list not being in order. I wasn't sure at times which ingredients I should be putting into the cornflour mixture that gets boiled. I think I figured it out though because it turned out really tasty :) Made for Aus/NZ Swap.

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Sarah_Jayne November 01, 2008

A very easy to make dish especially as there is no browning of the meat. I left out the celery as I had forgotten to get some but used celery salt in place of ordinary salt. This seemed to still give the flavour needed. I also used 1/2 a capsicum and 1/2 a green capsicum. Served over plain rice Perfect Microwave Rice. With the leftovers I will add a mashed potato topping for another easy meal. Thanks for a 'keeper' :)

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Jen T July 09, 2007
Kerris' Mums Sweet & Sour Beef